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Making Art Accessible: Visions of Wonderland

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Laughter pours out of a room full of paint and easels. The longer the night goes on the louder the laughter grows, and by the end everyone poses with the same paintings, the night’s instructor, Tika Nicole Weeks, smiling right along with them.

Owner, artist, and art instructor Visions of Wonderland, Weeks not only has been self-teaching art to herself for years, she also teaches others. “Our specialty is creating fun classes for the timid, inexperienced, or non-artistic beginner,” she says. “Most of our classes finish in one setting so you’ll go home with a completed painting. We have a monthly tea party, a mommy & me event where children as young as four come with an adult for tea and a treat followed by a short painting session. We also have a series of classes, Painting with the Masters, that introduces a famous artist and their style by learning to mimic one of their masterpieces. Private parties are available both in our studio or at private locations.”

Though Weeks is a self-taught artist, she grew up going to art classes and in an artistic family who encouraged her in pursuing art as a career. She’s been teaching art for 15 years now. “I was hired to teach classes and give product demos at a national arts & crafts store in southern California. When requests started coming in for an art teacher to come do private parties for children and classes for senior citizens, I saw an untouched market and left to start my own business. A few years later I started homeschooling my kids and it was an easy fit for me to continue teaching art. While there have been breaks off and on, I’m happy to continue doing what I love.”

The name of her company, Visions of Wonderland, was inspired by her great appreciation and love for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. “I love the individual expression and therapeutic qualities art opens up,” she says. “There’s really no right or wrong way to do it. I love seeing folks surprise themselves!”

For more information about art classes and prices, visit http://www.visionsofwonderland.com.


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