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Love story, mystery, thriller: Rembrandt! A documentary at AIFF

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There may be no better year than this one to virtually travel: Ashland Independent Film Festival is hosting their (31st) Varsity World Film Weeks, a collection of films snagged from around the globe – a thriller from Iran, a animation festival from the Netherlands, a noir film from England.

Starting on Friday, and with films available daily, it is high quality escapism. Tickets here.

Octo. 12, 13:  My Rembrandt (Netherlands)

Like the artist himself, this documentary is a contemplative survey of the human condition, as seen through its details. Part love story, part detective story, this documentary follows several Rembrandt paintings—and displays the various emotions viewers of his classic art work inspires; most specifically, the odd relationship that possession and ownership over art generates. The movie moves through mini-plots—about one man welcoming a painting as “part of the family,” while another sub-plot examines the authenticity of one painting, and still another follows the back-biting and jockeying to purchase one of the Master’s paintings. In the process of telling all these stories, the film paints the larger picture about European history, wealth and pride–and a slow burning plot finally ignites in the final third of the film, and sears its primary characters. PB

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