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Loud and Proud: Ohio Knife to Bring the Cincinnati Thunder

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03-19-sound-ohioknife-credit_matt_dormanIt’s said that everything old is new again. That’s certainly the case with combination of prog and metal that typified late 1970s rock—the sound of Ohio Knife, who will be performing at Johnny B’s in Medford on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

The Cincinnati band has shades of ‘70s acts like Deep Purple and Iron Butterfly, as well as newer bands like Portland rockers Red Fang, or The Sword. But when it turns things down a bit, there are clear hints of groups like Queens of the Stone Age.

The band recently released its first full-length album, Scalp or Be Scalped. It is a stoner-rock opus packed with big drums and fuzz guitar mutations of blues, dressed up with flourishes of organ.

The band’s guitarist Jason Snell took the time to answer a few questions for The Messenger before the show.


RVM: How did the band get together?

Jason Snell: It started as a two-piece, something heavier than the then-project, Chocolate Horse—it was time to go back to the big, swinging strokes with the buddies.

RVM: What is it that appeals to you about the heavy, fuzzy, rock sound you’re pursuing? Are there peers or influences you feel it is related to, or something y’all came to independently?

Snell: I’m all about harmony and weird tunings—add some C and D, some overdrive and you’ve got Ohio Knife! I’ve always loved what Josh Homme does with the heavy/harmony, of course the Melvins and the sweet sounds of CCR.

RVM: What are you looking for or trying to do when you write a song?

Snell: A jam, something to shout about, something to hum to the feeling of a cold winter, or a hot summer day.

RVM: What is your goal when you step on stage to perform?

Snell: To get super-sweaty and growl a little bit at all the kids!

RVM: Any thoughts or expectations on your first time playing Southern Oregon?

Snell: So exciting to be coming to Southern Oregon! I’ve been Oregon a few times, so stoked!

RVM: Why should someone come to your show, instead of another? What’s the unique thing you feel you’re bringing?

Snell: We will bring all the jams! Good times, good vibes and circus kicks!

RVM: What’s on the radar for y’all?

Snell: We will be coming from Cincinnati, all the way through the west, and up the coast and back around again! See you soon!


Ohio Knife, with Snailmate

9 pm Tue., September 27

Johnny B’s, 120 E. Sixth St., Medford



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