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Los Angeles Indie Pop – John The Blind: Hallelujah

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Joining the sound of soul with electronic vocoder flair and a dance-club beat, John The Blind makes his breakout with this infectious paean to the body language of love. In that moment when the song takes hold of you, and it makes you move – that is when you give thanks.

John The Blind drops Hallelujah, new single and video available now, while the debut EP will be arriving May 10th via Atlantic Records. This hitmaker has spent years writing songs for others to perform, and now is unleashing his personal collection of tracks that were written in the evening hours, after spending days in the studio with the likes of Harry Styles, Maroon 5, John Legend and Niall Horan.

The unique and pop-friendly juxtaposition of big melody, funky groove, and flirtation from Hallelujah is already set to be the feel-good hit of the summer. The unique vision that this artist has for upbeat, electronic vibes might remind you of last year’s summer success-story: Wingtip. Between his early years making music with Teddy Geiger, and subsequently graduating from Berklee College of Music, John The Blind has successfully navigated the industry with only his passion for melody as his guide: much like the ancient Bohemian king who fought his battles blind.

Let your body move you. Let me hold on to it.

John the Blind is the latest solo project from songwriter and producer John Ryan. This song is featured on our Roots collection playlist.

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