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Looking For A Fun Event For Valentine’s Day? Try Murder Manor

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Valentine’s Day is known for romance, love, and more than a few stolen kisses. After all, almost 51% of people plan to celebrate the holiday of love this year in a number of different ways, but local Oregon haunted house venue, Murder Manor, is hoping to fuel the day with a little fear, too.

The haunted house is open for three days, from Feb. 14 through the 16 for singles, couples, and anyone in between. Unlike their fall debut, Murder Manor has incorporated a Valentine’s Day theme, including creepy cupids, voracious cannibals, and criminals set to steal your heart.

We are trying to accommodate, and testing the waters to see if this is a good idea or not,” said Mac McCune, one of the two owners of the haunted house.

“We have got enough stuff to make it worthwhile, enough changes where for those who already went through there will be new surprises. It is dinner for two intended for couples, but if people want to bring a kid that’s fine too — as long as it’s their kid!”

This kid-friendly event will assure that there will be no trips, falls, or heart attacks despite the dastardly decorations. This is great news for the folks who hope to avoid a trip to one of the 7,357 urgent care centers throughout the country.

The horror movie fanatics will also host a dinner before the creepy crawl through Murder Manor. To accommodate their Valentine’s Day crowd, an on-site chef will prepare meals consisting of meat and gluten-free vegetarian options.

Though this idea may seem a little outlandish to Valentine’s Day traditionalists, psychology claims it makes a lot of sense. Engaging in new activities with your partner, especially those activities that release adrenaline and endorphins, can actually bring you closer together.

Clinical sexologist and psychotherapist Kristie Overstreet lends credence to this idea, especially among couples who feel like the spark may be fizzling out.

“You will improve your recreational intimacy because you are doing something fun together. You will also experience a flood of endorphins which will help both of you feel physically better,” she notes. “Oftentimes, this leads to an improvement in physical intimacy as well.”

Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Choosing the right Valentine’s Day venue for your special someone holds a lot of weight among couples, especially if you’re looking for a dinner affair. It’s estimated that couples will spend around $161 on average to make the romantic day worth remembering, with men spending around $196 and women only spending around $100 by comparison.

But if you’re feeling the pressure, don’t worry — even though a 1/8 inch hole can cost more than a thousand dollars in a 100 psi system, your body won’t spring any leaks. If you’re struggling for a great Valentine’s Day idea, consider engaging in a fun event like Murder Manor to get you and your partner’s blood pumping. The adrenaline and dopamine will hit your brain just right to make for a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day for two.

Other similar options include escape rooms, dancing classes, and even attending a cooking class. Enjoying particularly active events can form stronger memories and make you love your partner even more.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean you need to hold the most extravagant dinner you can. Incorporating a fun event with a tried-and-true dinner option is a great choice, especially among picky eaters. After all, Americans eat over 14 billion burgers each year for a reason. Munch on this staple meal before you go frolicking on a fun adventure. People love dinner and a show.

McCune is also one of the many members of the real estate market looking to expand their business. These renters and buyers will likely consider curb appeal, of which the roof accounts for 40% of the building’s visual exterior. McCune and his team are reportedly trying to purchase the Klamath Basin Community Center to hold more frightfully fun events in the future.

If this Valentine’s Day event goes well, we might even see a Christmas event later this year.

For more information on Murder Manor and more fun events hosted by the McCune team, visit their site, Nerds R Us.

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