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Local Music Videos Inform and Entertain: How The Brothers Reed Compiles Performances and everett Rocks One

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For our Summer Music Guide, the Messenger checks out a couple music videos from local bands:

brothersreed1The Brothers Reed

Focal Fire films brothers Aaron and Phil Reed of the band Brothers Reed sit comfortably in barber chairs while announcing their nationwide tour and reminding listeners of their recently released album, Monster In My Head. In addition to their chronologically filmed haircuts, the video also showcases various live performances, sampling the brothers’ signature folk sound from their first album, Sick as Folk.

The songs range from slower to more upbeat tracks, reminding fans and introducing new listeners to their diverse sound. The video revolves back to the barber shop—Rogue Barbers in Grants Pass—where Aaron and Phil’s hair progressively gets shorter. Their positive attitudes reveal an obvious excitement for their nationwide tour, which took them as far as New York City.

Nearly halfway through the video, the barber asks what’s the meaning behind Monster In My Head. As the electric razor skates up the back of Aaron’s head, he replies, “It’s just about getting older, and dealing with the societal pressures of wanting to give up your dreams and pursue something safer and maybe a little more normal, as they’d say.”

The bold statements are contrasted with the video’s comical element that keeps the content light and entertaining. Barber jokes are made, everyone is smiling, and doo-wop infiltrates background noises.

The second half of the video samples live shows of the brothers playing songs from Monster In My Head. The album clearly distinguishes itself from the other as some songs teeter in the Country genre and others are more reminiscent of a softer Alternative resonance. In multiple songs Phil plays the harmonica while Aaron carries the melody on acoustic guitar.

Luckily, the brothers have a number of shows in the Rogue Valley and surrounding areas in June, where viewers can hear firsthand songs from their latest album live.

The video can be found on the Brothers Reed’s website at thebrothersreed.com.



On April 22, alternative band everett released its first EP, titled “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb.” The band’s first music video of “Worthwhile,” however, came out before then, but the song is the first track on the EP.

The video is a live performance at the Sweet Spot in Redding, California, filmed by Nathan Cichosz, and is a sneak peek into this strong force of a band. Recently back from a tour with Listener, everett is gaining a steady following.

The video shows the band crammed in a tight corner of the venue, as if they were confined only to that space. Limited space doesn’t limit the band, however, as each member played with such seriousness and passion that the viewer is immediately enticed by their stage presence. Tim Stickrod’s vocals may be quiet, but the visual and instrumental quality isn’t lost. Close shots tighten the already tight space, giving the viewer a claustrophobic sense, but it also introduces the viewer to a band that has a firm hold on the alternative genre.

Halfway through the song, bassist Grayson Phelps lets out a cathartic scream as if he’s letting it out vicariously for the viewer, as well. From there all members break into the climax of the song, Evan Kunze unrelentingly beating the drums and guitarist Micah McCaw throwing his whole body into the performance.

Near the end, the camera vaults a few feet higher into the air, expanding the small stage and fitting all four members into the frame. As it fades to black, the viewer can hear a few audience members cheering and applauding the performance, surely excited for more.

The video can be found on YouTube under “EVERETT, worthwhile @ the Sweet Spot.”

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