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Living Art: Banyan Tree Landscape Construction

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Credit: Courtesy of Banyan Tree Landscape

If you really think about it, windows are like the frame for living art. Whether it’s a willow tree overhanging an ornate fountain surrounded by a lush bed of flowers or a white picket fence guarding a perfectly mowed lawn, art is thriving outside.

Banyan Tree Landscape Construction has been creating living pieces of art for homeowners for a dozen years. Starting his career at nine-years-old mowing lawns, owner Andrew Markham went on to working at a nursery and landscape company and eventually studied at the University of Kentucky.

When it comes to art in landscape, Banyan Tree Landscape Construction combines “so many elements,” says Markhman. “We work with a lot of local stone and have two master masons. These masons carry an artistic vision that really shows in their finished product.” He describes the finished product as something that is defined through the details. It comes down to what kind of water feature is installed, or if the patio’s edges are round or pointed.

“I love building a wall or patio that will maybe be there for hundreds if not a thousand years,” Markhman says. “It helps soften the environmental impact of our construction when it is to remain as is for many, many years. I love watching the plants grow and move towards full expression.”

Challenges Markhman faces are adapting to a customer’s fickle mind and not knowing what’s underground. Understanding the soil type affects the vision, such as what can be planted or where certain types of rocks are best placed. Many of their projects from a decade ago are finally coming into fruition through plant growth and natural aging of what they’ve designed so long ago. “It’s a dynamic growing system. I like creating outdoor space that really encourages the homeowner to make use of their property whether a tiny backyard or multiple acre estate to make good use of nature.”

“Most of us live here in the Rogue Valley because of the beautiful nature,” he says. “The home is where the family is raised, where we spend much of our time. I feel that time effort energy resources and money put into the landscape pay back [to the] health and well-being throughout one’s life.”


Banyan Tree Landscape

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