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Live Music Time Capsule Experience: David Ramirez at the Brickroom

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A Pensive David Ramirez. Photo Credit: Stefanie Vinsel

David Ramirez has a-helluva-a-lot to say. Seventeen million streams on Spotify and counting, to be exact. The singer from Austin, Texas does not write lyrics that are subtle—more like a call for authenticity in a faux culture. One fan calls a recent show an “emotionally raw performance.” Ramirez’s songs do not appease, but beg listeners to confront emotions and beliefs they usually handle alone.

And he isn’t afraid to surprise people with a changing set-list, special guests and an impromptu time capsule, recording each show and delivering a downloadable link within 24 hours. Ramirez says in an article written In The Bend, “I got the idea from The Grateful Dead. They encouraged people to bring recorders to their shows, and it started this culture of people trading tapes. I think it was a really fun thing. Maybe I was a little too egotistical to think that people across the country would be trading download links of my shows, but if that were to happen, I would think that would be really fun.”

Ramirez got a wake-up call after being fired from his coffee shop job. He wanted to get to know humanity up close and personal, so this catalyzed his exit from Nashville and his on-ramp to a travelling lifestyle. As he says, “These days I’m chained to the open road.”

The experiences that followed led to his first solo release of an EP in 2007, Birmingham. In 2009, he released his first full-length album entitled American Soil which yielded the song, “Fires,” later to be featured on Private Practice. Then, three years later, Apologies came and, finally, in 2015 with a new perspective and more money, he partnered with Thirty Tigers to release his third album, Fables, recorded in Seattle.

In his current Bootleg Tour, Ramirez and special guest, Matt Wright, will present an “honest evening of song and experimentation” at Ashland’s Brickroom on July 19. It will be a two-person event with Wright opening the show and then accompanying on keyboards and organ.

What can attendees expect? Matty Reilly of KUTX says: “David Ramirez is an amazing songwriter who knows how to turn heartache into beauty. I feel like I’ve been through his breakups and they’re HIS breakups. That’s some good writing.”

An online fan states, “How the hell does David not have one of the biggest followings of any musician around? He is quite simply one of the greatest song writers and singers in the world right now!

His fourth album, We’re Not Going Anywhere, released in September of 2017, is a sonic boom—intense, politically-poignant, and hard to ignore. Ramirez, influenced by the Cars and Journey, has had his music featured on shows like Billions, This is Us, and The Ranch.

Ramirez says about the album, “I think that was my moment to talk about what was going on. I got it out of the way. In the future, I certainly will talk about society, but I think on this next record, I just want to talk about love, peace and bringing people together.”

Uncut Magazine states, “If Springsteen made a record about living in Trump’s America, you’d hope it might sound something like “We’re Not Going Anywhere.” Quoting Ramirez’s lyrics from his track, “The Bad Days”: “And I hope that the years that we come up short are swallowed by the years that we made it work.”


David Ramirez with Matt Wright

9 pm, Thursday, July 19

Brickroom, 35 N. Main Street, Ashland




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