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Life as a Truck Driver: 4 Things to Know

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Driving a truck for a living isn’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for you! The life of a truck driver is vastly different from someone who works a typical 9 to 5 and there’s a lot that people might not know about the job.

If you’re interested in trucking as a career (and lifestyle) keep reading to find out a few details that will help you decide whether or not this is a path you should take.

What’s the Job Description?

In basic, simple terms, trucking just means driving around the country transporting various goods in a truck. However, there’s more to the job than what meets the eye.

Especially as a private trucker, there’s a lot you’ll need to take care of. If you decide to work privately, you’ll be responsible for your own management and maintenance, which can include sourcing international truck parts for repairs and other tricky tasks. You’ll also be responsible for seeking out jobs, since this would be the equivalent of freelance trucking.

On the other hand, if you work under a contract, most of this work will be taken care of for you, and your main responsibility will be safe and efficient driving.

What’s the Lifestyle Like?

Truck drivers will need to be prepared to spend extended periods away from home and on the road. Some trips could take weeks to get there and back and you’ll often need to work long (and uncomfortable) hours. Of course, your safety on the road will be a concern that you’ll need to pay close attention to at all times.

For a more solitary person who loves adventure, this is an exciting aspect of the job. However, for family-driven people, it might be a challenge to be away from home so much.

What Are the Benefits?    

While some complain of the loneliness of a life on the road, others sing praises of the benefits of alone time. You’ll have hours to spend with yourself, experiencing the world around you, exploring and seeing the country.

Another great benefit of the job is that truckers are always in demand. Transportation needs are never going to cease, which means that job stability is pretty much guaranteed. You’ll also be working with yourself and by yourself for much of the time, so introverts and more independent workers will thrive.

What Are the Drawbacks?

However, there are a few negatives to this line of work too. As mentioned, family-focused people might not do well working as a trucker. One of other the major drawbacks of a life in trucking is the difficulty associated with maintaining one’s health. Nutrition on the road can be challenging, and so can staying active.

Truck drivers will need to make a greater effort than most people to find and eat healthy, balanced meals while on the road. Spending countless hours sitting isn’t good for one’s health either, and this will need to be countered with walking and stretching whenever possible.

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