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Letters: September 3rd Issue

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Re: Constitutionality of Camping Bans

In our last issue, The Messenger reported on a statement from the Department of Justice regarding a lawsuit against camping bans in Boise, Idaho, a statement which said they were a violation of the 8th Amendment to the U.S. constitution. We reached out to Medford mayor Gary Wheeler and Ashland city administrator Dave Kanner for comment (as both cities have camping bans). Unfortunately, Kanner’s response came in after press time, and had to be added as an addendum to our online edition, and is included here: “What I can tell you is that the Justice Department statement, by itself, does not impact Ashland’s camping ban,” wrote Kanner. “The impact would come from a court ruling, since Oregon is in the same federal district as Idaho. Without knowing what a potential court ruling would say, it’s not possible to know how the camping ban would be impacted.”

Wheeler still has not responded.


Re: Watering Lawns

​I am about to start taking names and addresses​ when it comes to watering lawns. I grew up in the 50’s and early 60’s and my father already knew it was better to water in early am  and late evening between the hours of 6 am and 8 pm. He adhered, and made sure we did also, to that watering schedule. We moved around a lot and they always had a new house so new grass was always planted and nurtured on that watering schedule.​ Of course, we lived in the warmer climes of New Mexico, Texas and California—San Joaquin Valley!

So, of course being an astute daughter I adhered to that as an adult and still do, especially now! And it is one of my biggest pet peeves to see someone watering in the heat of the afternoon, especially, because I know the science behind it.

I have seen a local church, which shall remain nameless, not for fear of hell and damnation or hurting their reputation, but because, well, I don’t want them to come to my door, proselytizing, any more than they already do!! Anyway, all they have to do is change the automatic watering schedule and they can’t or don’t want to! And they have some really big property!!

I have seen other people watering their lawn in the hottest part of the day also and it is just simply ridiculous—not because they don’t know any better, but because they are too lazy or inconsiderate—I guess!!

At any point, what do we do about these inconsiderate people? Shouldn’t there be a fine or something? Do I really need to take down addresses and names? Please, people, put your thinking caps on and do what you know is right, if you know it! We need to preserve as much water as possible. I work on doing my best and so do a lot of other people, but it’s these inconsiderate few, especially a church for “goodness” sake! You might want to ask, “what would Jesus do?”!!!!!!!

Cynthia Rucryst, Ashland


Re: Condition of Medford

Today I read the note published in the August 6-20 paper regarding Medford falling apart……..11 years ago I purchased a historical home right in the heart of West Medford, surrounded by slum lords and not real pretty stuff…….slowly in our general area we got many of the slum lords shut down and even though it is hard to notice over time things have gotten better in our little spot of the northeast end of the west side. Things are getting better—not enough better yet—but it does take action on the part of the residents in particular areas to move things along and to make it better. This may require that you walk down your block and pick up some trash, or call code enforcement, who I might add are awesome at responding to issues, go out and wipe off some graffiti and so forth.

It does get discouraging though I know as I am right now trying to do a beautification of a blighted looking square block and have reached out with not much response…….I have reached out to certain people at the city who I also add are very polite but polite does not get things happening. I think the only answer is not to blame the city planners but to take matters into our own hands and make things happen…..we need to reach back to the thinking of those “good old days” when a Neighbor needed help or had an idea others came a running to help and get it done! We the residents of this town called Medford must and I really say must get off of our comfortable chairs and get down and dirty and make the changes happen by shear force of will and physical action! So, do not accept the slum lord next door call and complain daily if needed. Do not accept the trash along the street go out and pick it up. If there is a funky wall and it keeps getting tagged get together with some creative neighbors and paint a mural I notice when you fight the blight consistently it moves away…….there are a couple neighborhood groups working to make things better but a couple is not enough. Come on fellow neighbors let’s all get out and make a difference even if it is only along your one street….run for city council it does not have to be the same people every time it does not take money to walk door to door to get votes…don’t complain take action make a difference, if you wait for someone else to solve the problem it may never get solved. The city of Seattle has over 300 murals most of which were done by all volunteers……..we can do the same thing here..get up and get to doing something!

-Tiffany Pool, Medford


Re.: Wellness Column

I love your Wellness column with Dr. Daniel Smith.  He is a fount of knowledge. Even if I didn’t read your paper for anything else, which of course I do, I would read it for his column.  Thank you so much for sharing him with us.

– Nia

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