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LETTERS: September 14th Issue

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RE: Response to Nazel Pickens letter (Antifa)

In the last issue of the Messenger, Nazel Pickens wrote a letter regarding his interaction with folks at Johnny B’s about a band named The Mentors. Straying from the primary content of his letter I’d like to correct something he wrote. He wrote that Antifa is “an anti-racist and anti-fascist group fighting against the rising repulsive neo-Nazi white supremacist movement.” This is mostly false.  

Antifa is currently being recognized as a domestic terrorist organization by Homeland Security. They are generally white, privileged, middle/upper class folks who are very susceptible to manipulation. They justify political violence by proactively attacking anybody they perceive to disagree with their extreme leftist and communist ideologies. Like most extremists they primarily use self-righteousness rather than intellectual discussion, and use fascistic authoritarian tactics to shut down discourse. Additionally they arbitrarily assign anybody to with a red MAGA hat and/or with conservative views to be a “Nazi” and in turn justify proactive cowardice violence (search bike lock attacker from Berkeley).  

Antifa protested and attacked those involved in the march in Charlottesville. That march was vile and in fact it was a white supremacist rally. Even so is a violent response productive long-term?  From my research all the other rallies Antifa has been engaged in over the past year have been earnest free-speech rallies, and despite the media narrative, Antifa has been the initiator of the violence, not the responders to it.  If this continues Antifa will single-handedly get Trump re-elected in 2020, and true liberals should denounce them. 

–    Anonymous


RE.: Rural Planning Commissioners

I am too depressed and exasperated to launch into a long treatise about the miscarriage of justice and fascist complicity that played out last night at the rural planning commissioners’ meeting. What was on display was a breathtaking misrepresentation of facts by Community Development Director, Julie Schmelzer and commissioners who are shockingly unaware and ignorant of the cannabis industry and the state laws that they are regulating. Schmelzer led them by the nose down the path to destroy our futures. THE RURAL PLANNING COMMISSIONERS ARE WHOLLY UNQUALIFIED TO HAVE PRESIDED OVER THIS POLITICAL EFFORT TO BAN CANNABIS FARMING OFF RURAL RESIDENTIAL LANDS!

We need a land use law firm to pour over the facts behind Measure 17.81 mendacity and election fraud, the process of fumbling over Order 2017-034 including the BCC meetings and constant re-writes, and the videos of the two rural planning commission meetings — they will conclude this entire process has been rigged, grossly misrepresented, fabricated to fit political ends, fumbled by incompetence and driven by malicious intent and negligence.

The only shining light in the process has been Dr. Christine Gardiner on the rural planning commission who modeled professionalism, knowledge and respect for the citizen. She was the lone voice who knew the laws, knows rural life and knows the family farm and she was shut down, ignored and eyes rolled everywhere when she stood up for us.

Just know, this so called grandfathering in of LUCS is for a small number of individuals who already have them or just applied, and that is a tiny percent of farmers. The vast majority will be shut down next year. Those who do get the grandfather status will be subject to draconian code enforcement inspections every year and ANY code violation will be cause for voiding the grandfather status forever — in perpetuity. No other industry in our county, no other zone or property, no other farming business will get treated the way the grandfathered cannabis businesses will be. Where are all the libertarians now screaming injustice about unreasonable search and seizure via an army of code enforcement goons?

We got rolled, we got trampled, we got invaded, they did it by lies, political subterfuge and injustice, and we’re done for. They got away with it because we could not stop them because we lack the organization and a professional lobby with a law firm to fight back against them. 

Anyone got $500,000 and a half-dozen land use attorneys who are worth at least $600/ hour? Clearly this is the force we need because our democratic voice is utterly silent and been silenced. The big boys who bought up the few resource lands with water rights won, folks. They’re now going to be pretty much the only game in town.


Chris Hall


Re.: Weed Issue

This (marijuana) should have remained medicinal.. our great “democratic” state is regulating the small, local businesses right out of business… here comes big corp.. just what most of our lovable hippies hate… think about it.

Shewah Hazelett-Wickman 


Re.: Hurricanes

Our hearts and thoughts go out to those in Texas suffering from Hurricane Harvey.

Tropical rotating storms—hurricanes to us, typhoons and cyclones elsewhere—are not a mystery. They occur in tropical zones between 10 and 20 degrees N and S when ocean temperatures exceed 82 degrees F. They derive their energy from the increasing moisture in the air above the warming oceans. The damage caused by hurricanes results from their energy content, the ocean level, and the surge they generate.

The evidence indicates clearly that global warming is influencing hurricanes. While it may not be increasing the frequency of hurricanes, it is likely increasing their intensity, and the amount of rainfall they produce. Meanwhile, as warming expands oceans and melts land-based icepacks, ocean levels are rising. The result is higher storm surges that cause far greater flooding. Recall Hurricane Sandy flooding the New York subway, an outcome thought preposterous just a few short years ago.

As global warming continues unabated, the threat of ever stronger hurricanes is ignored at our peril. It is unconscionable that our President should reject the science and commit Americans to ever more frequent deaths and disasters. We should not tolerate this future.

Kathy Conway

Co-Facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now


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  1. Thad
    September 16, 2017 at 1:37 am — Reply

    anti fascism is bad , is that what the Pickens means, no evidence or examples, corroboration, or details, dubious conclusion, historical evidence indicates the opposite, fascists unopposed take over, and WWlll becomes more likely, and they are always the instgators of violence, self defense is warranted, Biden and Saunders elected may make it moot

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