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LETTERS: October 20th Issue

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Re.: Unsolicited Endorsement

Years ago, I didn’t know much about the candidates running for Ashland offices. So I voted based on the image I had of them. But when I lobbied the Ashland City Council for four years, I found out that often, the candidates’ public images were very different from what they were like in office.

As an “insider,” I can tell you that Carol Voisin is exceptional–for example, in her integrity, her compassion, and her concern for the environment.  She won’t made deals, for example: “I’ll vote for your issue if you vote for mine.” If we had Carol for mayor, I think that Ashland would be better off. For example, it would move ahead faster to deal with climate change. There would be more affordable housing. And more consideration given to those residents who are most vulnerable, such as those who have no housing.

Carol is a gem of a politician. I hope that it’s Ashland’s good karma to have her as our next mayor.

– Ambuja Rosen, Ashland


Re.: Unsolicited Endorsement for Levy 17-74

Public Safety Levy 17-74 addressing our criminal justice program in on the ballot once again. And yes, this is the fifth time an attempt has been made to solve our ongoing problem. However, it is imperative that Josephine County residents take this seriously. Not receiving the federal funding puts us in a crisis mode, as of June 30 2017, the fiscal cliff. That is only six months away. In order to retain local control of our county, all county residents, urban and rural, need to understand the importance of having public safety in place for young and old alike. Our future economic success demands we have a plan in place securing the safety of all our citizens, as well as those traveling to our region. As we begin to see economic growth happening in our county, and our tourism numbers rise, let’s not undermine the progress we have made promoting our community by falling off that fiscal cliff. Public Safety Levy 17-74 is specifically designated to be used for law enforcement. OR Statute 311.35 reinforces the money MUST be spent for criminal justice. A local citizen oversight board will be established to oversee the moneys spent and will be independently audited. These conditions were specifically added to give our county residents security in knowing public safety for all is the purpose of this measure. If we can’t solve this problem ourselves as Josephine County citizens, we risk losing control of our county to state governing bodies. Let’s look forward with a positive approach to solving our own local problems. VOTE YES 17-74.

– Valerie Lovelace, Valerie Lovelace for Grants Pass City Council, Ward 2


Re.: Missouri Flat Cemetery Tour (Sunday, Oct 16)

Hello, my name is Glenda Lewman. I am Chuck Lewman’s sister. A mistake was made in the article at the end of the first line, first paragraph. Chuck’s name is not Chuck Lewis; it is Chuck Lewman. I think the first Lewman related ancestor buried there was in 1876. Her name was Carey Ann Callaway Slagle, wife of John Slagle, the elderly man in the photo in the article. They were from Slagle, Missouri, about six miles south of Bolivar, Missouri. They arrived in the valley about 1870 and lived in the Missouri Flat area of the Valley.

-Glenda Lewman


Hey Messenger: I am a cis-female lesbian in a relationship with a man and I do think I’m in love even though there are issues. He does not like that I still identify as Queer and a lesbian. He says I am no longer Queer because I am with him. Everything in Queer politics and culture says otherwise. The identification goes beyond whom you are sleeping with. The whole point is tolerance and acceptance, especially where differences are involved. How can I explain this to him?


Hello D: It sounds to me like the queer politics/culture angle is not going to work, even if it should work in an ideal world. Therefore, you should try something different. Have you tried appealing to something more basic, such as the concept of labels in general? What I mean is that labels are given, either by us or by others, are they not? I do not think anyone would argue that it is less proper for individuals to label themselves. This means that labels are largely subjective and may or may not represent objective reality or the reality experienced by others. Apparently, you being queer is not something found in his reality, but you can explain to him that while you acknowledge this, it simply doesn’t matter. Your label, your reality, your choice.


Hey Messenger: I just found out Dutch Bros doesn’t actually have COFFEE. All of their drinks are made with espresso. If you ask for a coffee, they give you an Americano. Why am I just now finding this out? I’m writing this in the hopes it gets printed and I can tell everyone about this sham.

-L. S.

Hello there: I was at Dutch Bros a few days ago and looked at the menu pretty carefully because I wanted to try something new. I have to say the menu clearly states that all drinks are constructed with espresso shots. The Americanos are also clearly written on the menu. That being said, I have heard this surprise from a couple others before, so it is possible many other people out there don’t know about this apparent insanity. So, wish granted.


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