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LETTERS: October 12th Issue

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Re.: Mark Scarpaci’s book, “Wrigley Sanders”

I am a Cleveland Indians fan but I bought this book from Mark at some art fair. I was mostly doing it to support some local writer. I am really not much of a baseball fan. But… I like a good novel. So I started reading with little expectation.

No kidding it was really great. Fun, fast, well written. Oh, it’s all baseball, but not spewed at you like some snotty ESPN reporter. 

I completely enjoyed it, so if you have even read this far, you should give it a try.

Editor’s note: There is still one more local reading of Scarpaci’s book: 4 pm, Saturday, October 21, Tree House Books.


Received on voicemail

“Yeah Mr. Gary (editor’s note: We don’t know who this is). I sent you a rather shocking editorial. You should get it in the mail tomorrow. This is Helen and thanks for returning my call. You have a big surprise when you open up my letter should be there tomorrow for sure. The name is Helen. It will say so in the letter. Thank you.” 

Helen Murawski

Editor’s note: We never received anything else, and are still on the edge of our chairs!


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