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LETTERS: November 9th Issue

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Re: An Interesting Opposition to LNG Pipeline

The letter from Gregg Marchese is ostensibly about the Jordan Cove Energy Project, but one of the five paragraphs in his letter (Messenger, October 26) is entirely dedicated to bigotry and hatred, specifically anti-Semitism. He describes Gary Cohn, an advisor to President Trump, as “a core member of the small but powerful cabal of extreme fundamentalist Talmudic Zionists who really run the country.” This ugly and dishonest statement is a cheap recycling of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which was a phony text claiming to reveal a Jewish plot to control the world, first published in Russia in 1903, spread worldwide, and eventually proven to be a fraud by the London Times in 1921. Jews are no more in control of this country than Mr. Marchese is in control of his blind, irrational hatred. If you don’t like something, such as the pipeline (I don’t like it either), blame it on the Jews. The term Talmudic Zionist appears to be a pseudo-erudite and derogatory synonym for Jew.  

It is my hope that Mr. Marchese, with his deceitful hate mongering, is not representative of the majority of the people who are justifiably opposed to the pipeline and concerned about potential harm to humans and to the environment. Mr. Marchese may not have much of a following, and many might dismiss him as a harmless crackpot. But anti-Semitism is not harmless; in Europe it led to the Holocaust in which six million Jews were murdered.  

Thank you very much.

Sincerely, Victor Mlotok


Re.: Jordan Cove Energy Project

The resuscitation of the Veresen/Pacific Connector Pipeline project is a nightmare. The environmental damage for the benefit of a Canadian Company is local, with the building of the pipeline and terminal, and global with the burning of the fracked gas. The gas delivered by the pipeline will run the processing plant so the gas can be cooled and liquified. Then it will all be exported. The only export to Oregon is the pollution.

Coos Bay deserves better jobs that these jobs that kill local fisheries and harm our forests with the pollution. Coos Bay citizens deserve better than to be at risk from increased exposure to pollutants and explosions of gas causing devastating fires.

Why put the plant in Coos Bay? Because the area is seen as too poor and too desperate to resist. Why not invest in wave or wind energy in the South Coast area? Let’s preserve the natural beauty of the area and the rights of the residents. When I was in school “eminent domain” meant the taking of personal property for the greater community good not for the profits of a foreign company and their investors.  Let’s make big polluters pay to clean up their poison and not let them further ruin our way of life.

Jane Stackhouse


Re.: Make Medford Great

Since moving back to Medford last year, I have been listening. In this time I have found there exists a narrative consistently spoken over Medford, along the lines of, “Bend is cool… Portland has great stuff, we should do that here.” Those statements have never felt right…never quite made sense to me or sounded helpful, and not until recently did I discover why.

It was in Portland, while enjoying its delicious food and coffee bounties. In the joy of these moments I realized that I do not experience the same level of bliss in Medford. The truth for me, is that I love Medford. This is where I am putting down roots and building a life.

The turmoil forced me into some deeper thoughts and ultimately some important conclusions.

Essentially, Portland is great because its people are dedicated to making it PORTLAND. Hence, “keep Portland weird.”

So, the frequent expressions I hear to emulate another city’s features to make Medford “something more,” are actually statements that subtly tell people we have to be like others to be good.

I don’t buy that. Medford can have its own identity. We have so much to offer.

Next time we want something cool, quality, or hip to start in Medford, let’s stop and ask ourselves, “Is that who we are? Is that true of Medford?” Because we are not trying to build a great city. We are trying to build a great Medford. (To read more, follow our blog at: OnTheRiseBox.com)


RE.: Let’s Grow Up

Some letters say liberals should get over the election. We’d like to; most people would. But look at our society. Do we really Make America Great Again by debasing our civil conversation, shared values, and norms, and undermining the mutual respect basic to a well-ordered society? 

This undermining of public trust and civility didn’t start with the current administration. Both “sides” have responsibility, demonizing opponents and rejecting any criticism of their own values and actions. Progressives have certainly contributed by our politically correct arrogance, righteousness and failure of empathy for those left behind by economic changes or frustrated by rapid cultural change 

Nonetheless Pres. Trump, and his administration have tremendously amplified the deterioration of public conversation toward name-calling, shouting and spin, not to mention lying. Not only hasn’t Trump MAGA; he has made us immeasurably poorer by repeatedly acting with contempt for facts, chronically lying and viciously attacking those who disagree with him. As our President he has special responsibility to set a constructive model.

So I’d ask all of us to move on, both the President and his critics, too. Stop simplistically blowing up minor issues and fanning culture wars. 

Let’s address our real problems. Let’s grow up.

Robert John Scheelen, Medford


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  1. jill iles
    December 30, 2017 at 5:35 pm — Reply

    Letter to the Editor: December 31, 2017
    Dear Fellow Bicyclist:
    Your anonymous letter, wrapped in a Dali Lama blessing, put a chill on my heart until I realized it was written from a space of fear. I wish I could respond in person to share this other point of view, your view being foreign to me.
    I beeped a teeny beep behind you on Talent Avenue to let you know my car was behind you as you were in the center of the lane and seemed not to notice.
    My grandson, riding in back, said “you just give a tiny beep, huh, not a blare.” He also said “you scared him”.
    I am sorry I scared you. I respect bicycle riders, being one myself. I was definitely not angry nor anywhere close to hitting you.
    I will take your well wishes and try to be more patient.
    May I suggest that in the future you sign your passive aggressive letters.
    Jill Iles
    1707 Talent Avenue
    Talent, OR 97540

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