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LETTERS: November 3rd Issue

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Re.: Measure 15-161

If Measure 15-161 passes it will raise property taxes by 3 percent which in turn will raise rents. JCVCD has been spraying neighborhoods Jackson County heavily and without proper warning. Did you know? They sprayed from their aerosol mounted trucks from April through the end of August. Only 12 counties out of 36 in Oregon even have a vector district. Josephine County does not and they have more waterways. Several bee colony collapses were reported. They are using Pyrethroids (DeltaGard) which are hormone disruptors in humans and deadly to bees. During their July 7 Board of Trustees meeting they discussed faking a Zika scare to in order to get their levy passed. You will see on the ballot they justified “monitor Zika mosquitos.” They know, in fact even discussed at that same meeting that Zika borne mosquitos will never be in Oregon or any of the northern states. Their levy got on the ballot without the County Commissioners knowledge, which means our tax dollars were spent on their deceiving campaign. We are already paying a tax levy and have been for 40 years. Noteworthy is their financial report for last fiscal year reads “Audit 2016 Report: Richard Brewster, CPA, PC presented the results of the 2016 of the district audit…. In summary, the district had a good year and ended with a budget surplus.” SURPLUS and they are trying to get another 3 mil from us? Please vote NO and let’s work to get the aerosol spraying in Jackson County stopped.  Here is the recording of said meeting. It’s shocking to hear what Mr. Lunders thinks of the public advocates who are working very hard to stop the spraying.

– Clarkie

Subject: Cafe 116 Art piece

As an Artist Agent since 1977, it has been my pleasure to work with many artists, displaying and selling art both wholesale and retail within many venues including galleries, frame shops, interior design studios, Art Expo, New York, wholesale furniture markets.  Have set up events such as “trunk show” via driving mobile showrooms in the SE and NW.  Well you get the “picture!”  In all those 40-plus years most of the snobbery was prevalent in the attitude of the art buyer.

– Theresa Ackerson

Re.: Ass-Clowns

Nine out of ten Messenger readers think Phil Busse is an assclown.

– Curt Ankerberg (candidate for Medford city council)

Phil Busse is a liar and an asslown (sic).

– Samantha


Messenger: 2016 has been kinda weird. My head is spinning. Reading the “news” today confuses me. A few questions about all the stories about Life on Mars. Is it true that there is life on Mars? Did David Bowie stage his death and become the first earthling resident of Mars? Or will it be Elon Musk? How does the rent in Mars compare to Ashland? East Medford?

Help on any/all of these would be helpful for planning our holiday travel plans.

-A Rogue Traveler

Hello Rogue Traveler: NASA’s official position is that there still yet may be signs of life, past or present. As far as I know, the “sign of life” everyone is talking about right now is methane. That microbes in the soil thing from the 1970’s was finally debunked and attributed to false readings. Based on Earthly experience, methane does tend to point to life, whether its cow farts or global warming. Everything from bacteria to humans has methane in its flatulence. However, methane can also be produced through plain old geological processes, such as hot springs or if you are feeling more dangerous, a volcano. Bacteria might not be necessary for this process, but I am told water is. Based on our experience, water usually points to life, which is why NASA has named their Mars exploration program, “Follow the Water.” There are two missions ahead and four future pending proposals currently in the works. AT THE SAME TIME, it is worth noting that Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, has entire seas of methane, and we are pretty sure there is no life there.

Rent on Mars is much cheaper than in Ashland or East Medford. Last time their housing market crashed, the Martians purchased plenty of property that was for sale at a low cost so that their lower and middle classes could have places to live. They sent over a Martian telegram to the then-Mayor of Ashland about this nifty idea, but nobody listened. Now all of those properties are stupid expensive and everyone is moving to West Medford or some place called Eagle Point.

David Bowie is probably capable of anything. Elon Musk has the best hair plugs I’ve ever seen.

Hey Messenger: I don’t know what to do with my life. I don’t feel passionate about that many things. Most of the time, I just want to watch TV. I’m a recently 21 year old guy and I live at home. I used to like sports in high school, but now it just seems lame. I’m taking classes at RCC but nothing has really interested me. What should I do?


Dear B.D., For better or worse, that seems to be a “normal” feeling for 21 year olds in America right now: “Normal” in the sense that it is at least common. As long as you are helping your family around the house and getting good grades in school, I think you are okay for now. Do you have a job? I would suggest trying to find a low-responsibility job at a place that also the possibility for growth and advancement. That way, if you cannot find a niche in college, perhaps you can slowly turn that job into a solid career as you start to grow up and feel ready.

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  1. Andrea Good
    November 3, 2016 at 6:28 pm — Reply

    Thank you, Clarkie for the informative letter. Noted.

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