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LETTERS: May 25th Issue

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Re.: GMOs

Dear Rogue Valley Messenger,

One wonders what provoked Issac Baranoff to say we are conspiracy theorists? Organic consumers like me don’t buy things like that. Mr. Baranoff’s opinion is an absurd notion, and it is scientifically incorrect.

Listen to me. When the going got tough for our local family farms, voters got tough on GMO crops.  Jackson County voters have a firm grasp of what organic stands for. We do support GMO-free seed integrity as voter consistency was seen. A depth of independent scientific research has already dispelled the GMO safety hypothesis. We won’t shrink our lives down to within the limits of restrictive public acceptability of unjust laws that cause panoptical conformity.

We are the voice of millions of other people who want freedom from invasive cross pollination by biological pesticide plants.   

Nancy Nelson, Ashland



Re.: Dope Smoking Morons

Good Evening, 

I picked up The Rogue Valley Messenger March 16th Issue. Your editors (sic) note totally surprised me, “We must have been high.” I was like really? thanks for telling me that before I read any further. I lost all respect for you in that one sentence boasting about your mental state. I won’t be reading your paper anymore and if I want stupid I can find that anywhere. 




Hi Alex: I have a friend I’ve known for about 20 years. We used to be very close friends, but over the years he has developed an undiagnosed mental illness. He is sometimes (very rarely) violent but mostly suffers from extreme paranoia and has an inability to tell what’s real and what isn’t. For many years, I kept trying to keep our friendship going. I would give him chance after chance, but something always went wrong. I couldn’t handle maintaining a friendship with him and he refused to get help. I cut off communication with him.
He recently sent me a message saying that it’s been years since we’ve spoken and that he’d like to catch up. I feel really conflicted. I don’t want to let him back into my life if he’s still destructive and untreated, but I still have affection for him as a friend. What are some courses of action I could try?
– Conflicted

Hello there, Conflicted: I would not assume anything about your friend because a lot could have happened between now and then. In addition, you did not sever contact BECAUSE of his mental illness; you severed contact because of some of his behaviors—at least I hope. A person could have no mental illness and be a violent jerk, or a person could have a mental illness and be the kindest individual on planet Earth. It is very important that we all do what we can to contribute to ending the stigma around mental illness and neuro-diversity.  Research has shown that people do not do well because they want to, as the common wisdom suggests, people do well because they can. That being said, I think you should ask him to lunch and get a feel for him in the here-and-now. During your meal, ask him directly if he ever got the help he needed, and ask him how he is doing. Be genuine and honest. If he responds negatively, then you will have your answer.

Hey Messenger: My boss somehow got it in her head that I worked in prostitution. I thought she was making an odd joke and said ‘well that’s not the kind of thing you put on your resume.’ We went on, but now it is apparent she holds this belief, but is working hard to be very liberal and open minded about sex workers. Do I correct her?



Hi L.,
You should mess with her awhile and then fess up later when the time is right. How could you not?


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