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LETTERS: May 12 Issue

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Re.: Medford Homeless Encampment

Thank you for the article. There are obviously opposing positions, for legitimate reasons. I think (if it’s not already happening) a strategic study must be created: who are the homeless (demographics), costs to our region (hard and soft), and precedences created in other cities/towns that might help steer solutions.

The homeless are human. It’s easiest to say they’re “vagrants, substance abusers, slackers, scourge of society …” because that makes it easier to accept. Now Medford/Jackson County can come up with proactive solutions to show what we can do. Hopefully, as best possible, we can find proactive solutions. Kudos too to Maslow, Rogue Retreat, and others who are working to find proactive solutions.

– Ginger G


Re.: Measure 15-141

Public transportation is a vital part of our local community; it ensures that people can get to work, to doctors appointments, to school, to the grocery store. Please support measure 15-141!

-Hannah Sohl


How about you tax renters that amount instead?

– Demetri Stewart


Thank you Messenger for supporting this measure! Strong public transportation means a livable community; it means people will be able to work more and will be able to access more education since they’ll have a way to get there. Happy to vote yes and happy to pay a bit more in taxes to support it!

– Erika Glesen


RVTD is a critical service for many of our citizens who rely on it to get to medical appointments, school, VA SORCC, etc. Many people who use RVTD and Valley Lift cannot drive, or can’t afford other transportation to live their daily lives, often through unexpected circumstances.

– Daniel Davis


Absolutely not!!! I encourage people to oppose this measure!

– Shane Kevin


Hey Messenger

Hey Messenger: Have any local food secrets? Preferably Medford or Ashland. Prefer: not super expensive or fancy/snobby.

Hi Brie: I recently discovered the pastry joys of La Baguette Music Café in the Railroad District. Mix might have the stage when it comes to pretty miniature cakes and tarts, but La Baguette does scones, bagels, danishes, and muffins better than anyone else in town (and scrambled eggs, actually). Basically, the gluten-filled things you want when you are REALLY hungry. For lunch or dinner, I want to say La Tapatia in Phoenix, but at this point, I think most locals have heard about it. After all, they did win best Mexican in the Messenger’s recent “Best Of” issue.

Medford is really rocking the food cart scene right now and I personally don’t think this gets enough attention. If you haven’t tried them already, I would recommend Ooblie’s Waffle Truck, Curbside King, Peruvian Point, and Tacos Michel.

A friend of mine also recently informed me that Happy Bowl (a Vietnamese restaurant) has a secret Chinese food menu, and that this is the best Chinese food in Ashland because it is both delicious and traditional. Between that revelation and your question, I was compelled to order it for dinner tonight. We got the Chongqing Spicy Chicken and the General Spicy Chicken Stew. Both dishes were indeed traditional as well as bursting with flavor, as long as you don’t hate Szechuan peppers.
Happy Bowl can be found at 1401 Siskiyou Blvd in Ashland.


Hey Messenger: I have an old friend that I talk to online still. He’s a nice guy but posts some astoundingly stupid things online. Obviously, I could just block or hide these posts, but I feel like that is a cop-out. Is there a nice way to call out stupid? Is it even worth it to confront this guy about how I feel?  


Hi R: I would advise you to only worry about yourself. On a purely interpersonal level, you only have to deal with this person online, which means it is on your terms and likely not very often and most importantly, not even in person. There is no worthwhile pro-social motive to confront this person. On the level of intelligence vs. stupidity, there is no way to tell which one of you is the stupid one, from your commentary alone (no offense). On these grounds, I cannot recommend confronting anyone about saying supposedly stupid things. If he bothers you that much, go with the “cop-out.” It only feels like a cop-out to you because you’re making something into a problem in the first place. There does not need to be a problem and thus- there does not need to be a way out. Hope this helps.


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