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LETTERS: March 3rd Issue

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We are looking fer a qulity copy editor: Do you have an eagle’s eye for typos and a nose for grammar? (And InDesign as a program on your computer.) A couple hours every other week. Send a note to Editorial@RogueValleyMessenger.com





Leonardo DiCaprio is the talk of the town after landing his big Oscar win. But did you hear only days before he gave a shout out to efforts here in Oregon to clean up our electricity?

DiCaprio posted a photo of Crater Lake on his Instagram account with a caption that read “Great news! The Oregon House has approved a bill that would phase out coal and double renewable energy in the state.” His hashtag game is very strong. As of this morning, it has 113,000 likes!

People are buzzing about how he used part of his acceptance speech to mention the perils of climate change and the work going on to stop it.

This is the last week Oregon’s legislature can act to pass SB 1547, The Clean Electricity and Coal Transition bill, for which we earned a shout-out from the Hollywood star.

– Brad Reed



Be In the know.  Read on.  The Healthy Climate Bill: (Oregon Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reduction Legislation) is now in the Joint Ways & Means Committee! The committee members represent all citizens of Oregon. It is the time to contact and tell them you support the Healthy Climate Bill and would like them to do the same. History demonstrates that the one hundred entities that emit 25,000 tons of GHG a year will not volunteer to reduce their carbon footprint. Each year we delay the reduction of our GHGs all future measures are going to be more expensive and difficult to enact. So there is urgency.

– Louise Shawkat



I’ve known Clay Bearnson for some time and he is a good honest individual. The City of Medford is lucky to have him. Keep up the good work Clay.

– Mark Looper


I enjoyed your article on Clay Bearson. He has excellent ideas for Medford on needed areas. What great insight and being on a few commissions, he will bring Medford and other projects to new levels. We need to build & renew Medford. Medford is growing & we need good ideas & people who want Medford to prosper.

Nerissa Wood


Since you have been on the Medford city council Medford has banned the legal retail sales of marijuana. Mr. Stine you are out of touch with Oregonians and the country.

– Robert



I’m unsure if I’m making your deadline. (ed. note: you did not) However, I’d like to nominate Maya Seligman for best radio personality in the Rogue Valley. Maya’s show is evocative, well orchestrated, and great fun, featuring themed and non-themed shows. Maya’s Mix has also MOVED (!) to Prime time on Fri evenings 7-9 pm as of the New Year.  It’s my humble opinion, she should be featured in the Best of RV 2016 issue.

– Holly Lórien Adams


Hi Messenger! I am about to move in with my girlfriend and this is my first time living together with another woman. What advice do you have in this situation to make the transition as seamless and happy as possible?    


Hi Trevor,
I wish I had more details about your situation and about the two of you. Since I do not, I can give only generic advice. Make as many compromises and concessions as possible, especially right now and during the first few months after you move in. Foundation is EVERYTHING. I say this as both a psychologist and as a woman. See, we (women, not psychologists) tend to put a lot of stock in particular moments or phases of time, determining that they have a heavier weight to them; they are symbolic and thus carry more meaning. Focus on making this next phase as positive as possible, because it will never happen again and you will not get a do over.

And before I forget: do not leave your dishes on the counter, wet towels on the floor, your socks on the floor, cups all over your desk, or bits of trash and paper by your keys. Check your damn pockets before you throw your dirty ass jeans in the hamper. It is YOUR fault if she happens to wash your iPhone ear buds in the washing machine. Also, do not wait to fix things, take out the garbage and recycling without being asked, and NEVER forget your anniversary.


Hey Messenger: Is it wrong to advocate for “freeing the nip” out of personal desire for opening the door to potentially someday “freeing the penis”? I’m in this for the long game, and understand that baby steps are probably the best way to go here, so I’ll support the battles I think can be won as they come. Some people fear slippery slope, while others dismiss it, and us select few who wish for it. Am I terrible?    

-David J.

Hi David,
I don’t know if you are terrible. I would say it depends on the social circles in which you travel.

“Free the Nipple” though, is a movement based on the premise that boobs are inherently not just (or not at all depending on whom you talk to) sexual body parts. They are for feeding babies. Free the Nipple proponents say that boobs became sexualized over time and that this may or may not be a natural state of affairs. Penises have no such additional purpose. Think of it this way: We aren’t just literally freeing the nip, we are ‘freeing’ female breasts from the traps of sexualization so that babies can be fed in public without certain women getting grossed out and certain men getting turned on. Additionally, this sexualization of breasts leads to unequal indecent exposure laws, which further promotes gender inequality.

The above statements are simply an explanation from the Free the Nipple campaign’s perspective and do not necessarily reflect this writer’s opinions. All I personally have to say is this: Social change wise, this is a huge undertaking. The “slippery slope” you speak of is so barely inclining that I hardly can tell it’s even a slope (judging by current media). The only way this can ever change is if women start going topless more often and feeding their babies in public. It would be confusing to some for a while, but over time, people would adjust, just as they always do.
Lastly, I have to say I’m glad to hear you use the words “potentially someday.” That means you’re keeping it in your pants. Please keep doing that.



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