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LETTERS March 16th Issue

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Editor’s Note: We must have been high. We are very proud of the Best Of issue, but, well, we did screw up a few of the listings.

First off, the Runner-Up for Best Rueben should have been R&D Sandwich Shop and Ruby’s. Also, Elijah Elliott from Breeze Botanicals was the winner for Best Budtender. While we did list that correctly, we left a “t” off his name—and no one should be shorted any letters in their surname.

Re.: Best Coffeeshop For A Date

Whoop whoop! Thanks for the win! We want to thank our amazing crew and beautiful customer base who many have become part of our daily Mix Family!

Re.: The Wheel Thing  

I was wanting to share with you guys. Us Scorpions are currently ranked #1 in the nation with an invitation to Louisville Kentucky to compete for the national title. We are financially short without the funding to get us to Kentucky. We are having a Casino night March 18 (5 pm) at the Habitat for Humanity, 2233 S Pacific Hwy, Medford. We are hoping to get enough attendees to help fund us to nationals. 

Keith Avant

Re.: Real Americana, The Ol’ Dusty Trail Brings Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats to So-O

Curious to see them in Medford tomorrow! But I’m unclear what’s wrong with musicians doing winery shows? And why that’d be considered “poser-y”…?

– Jefferson Kledso

Hey Messenger: I am a 39 year old female and I went on a date with a guy who is a somewhat known local writer (don’t worry, not your paper). He was a pretty huge snob throughout the date night, but not to me. He was just rude and snobby about discussing his opinions, if that makes sense. I thought he was too rude to the waiter, but he did tip okay. I also noticed that he used concealer of some kind on a blemish!!! He also made a disparaging comment about one of my exes whom we both know, but it had a detectable sense of jealousy ringing through it. Is there a chance he’s not actually a snob and was just playing some kind of game or trying to impress me (evidenced by the funny makeup and comment about the ex)? The makeup actually amused me in a way I’d say was mostly good. So…should I go out with him again?

-Lonely but not desperate

Dear Lonely but not desperate: First of all, I am glad to see you aren’t desperate. No woman should ever feel desperate for anything except cake. Caaaaaake. Anyway, I agree that the rudeness is way more of an issue than the makeup. I don’t think I buy the explanation that it was there to impress you. If I felt the need to make excuses for him, I would be more likely to think he was nervous. Or, let’s just go with that “he’s just trying to impress me” idea for a second and think it through. It might bring some illumination. Ready? He was being rude to impress you. Now what? Now you’re stuck with a guy who thinks rudeness is impressive, either in general, or to you personally. What does that say about his view of you? What does that say about his view of the world in general? I would say, thanks but no thanks. Because you know what? You are not desperate.


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