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LETTERS: June 9th Issue

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Re.: E. Nevada Bridge:

In your article, you quote Mike Faugh as saying “We got the grant because it’s multi-modal.” I don’t think it was accurate for him to infer that the federal grant “might not be applicable to a bridge that didn’t permit vehicles.”

We believe otherwise: We believe the $1.5 million grant for this bridge favors the pedestrian and bike design and removing the cars would most likely not reduce or cancel the grant.

– Susan Hall


Re.: OSF’s River Bride

I’m astonished that the reviewer found the noisy children in the audience an enhancement to this play. The performance I saw was nearly ruined by squealing girls and jackass laughs from the boys. OSF needs to curb these immature antics before adult playgoers give up paying premium prices to sit in a rowdy classroom.

– Laura


Re.: The War of Bars: A year into Ashland’s 10 cent ordinance

I view this war on bags as fascist in a bad way. Every time I check out I am forced to acknowledge this war verbally and make a choice to participate as a good citizen (bring my own bag) or as a lowlife who must buy a bag of shame. I hear people ahead of me pleading, “I forgot my bag at home” or some such excuse as to why they should be considered a good person and not a bag criminal. To me this is no different than forcing me to declare “Heil” to prove my loyalty to the State and its leaders.

– Oybama


Hey Messenger: I am currently in the midst of a mental crisis. Relationships don’t make sense to me, and I find myself fostering inappropriate feelings for people that are emotionally unavailable. Some people say time fixes everything, but I need to know how to manage myself seeing that I’m scared to open up myself to the person I have feelings for.

-Fading Away

Dear F.A.: People will foster romantic feelings for unavailable people for specific yet largely subconscious reasons, such as not actually being ready for a relationship, not wanting a relationship, or having an unhealthy view of self which leads to self destructive behaviors, attitudes, and desires. You are right about needing to manage yourself, first. You need to forget that other person for a second, yet use the situation as a springboard for self-analysis and reflection. Is your fear born of valid reasons? For instance, do you know for sure they are emotionally unavailable? If so, then your fear is actually warranted to some degree. The question then becomes, do I share with them for the pure sake of honesty? Alternatively, do you find yourself fearful no matter who the person is? If so, you may be dealing with a bigger problem, such as one of those stated at the beginning.


Hey Messenger: A friend, “Dave” liked “Nancy” for a while and I knew this. Nancy liked him too but she lost interest when she found out he was a player. I was also attracted to her and eventually Nancy and me hooked up (no strings). At the same time, Dave got into a serious relationship with another girl. Nancy told Dave about the hookup because she felt “he had to know.” So this made Dave upset. He soon broke up with the other girl and had a d&m with Nancy. Now she kind of likes him again because she’s seen a new side to him. I want to know how to become possessive of her now that she’s interested in Dave again and how do I make this about me as much as possible?

Dear Anonymous: There is so much wrong with this picture. For starters, it is obvious by her “need to tell Dave” about your hookup that she is a player herself. She did this to make him jealous and ignite his interest in her again. Therefore, you will likely never “possess” her, anyway. Secondly, why would you want to possess anyone? If you insist on this framework for a relationship, try to find yourself an Amish girl or something. Or one of those Russian mail-order bride services.

It sounds to me like these two players deserve each other. I would steer clear and let them do their thing. Oh, and thanks for bringing the expression “d&m” to my attention. I had to Urban Dictionary that one to find out it means “deep and meaningful conversation.” I am always pleased to learn something new!


Hey Messenger: How much poop is too much when doing anal?


Nova: If you can’t find the hot dog under the condiments, then there is too much.


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