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LETTERS: June 30 Issue

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Editor’s Apology: A photo in last issue’s profile of the Medford Rogues (go home team!) did not properly credit Al Case with the very fine picture of a pitcher pitching.


Re.: Ordinances Ban Smoking, Sidewalk Obstruction in Downtown Ashland

I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s rights. I just won’t go to Ashland if I have to get hassled by panhandlers, walk through clouds of smoke and be jostled by people crowding the sidewalk. Let the “homeless” have it. I can go other places. And when the tourists stop coming and the street money dries up where will they get their money for cigarettes? Your choice Ashland.

– Linda Henning- Grisham


Re.: Ashland Ordinances Ban

Ashland sucks. There was a time when there was a 100+ year old Ginko tree but that’s gone. You could play drums in the park and take your dog for a walk…Not anymore. There used to be a wonderful collection of beautiful people being themselves; not anymore. Ashland has lost its uniqueness…its personality. Now its just a little town in Oregon bought and paid for by California transplants who have raised the cost of living, rents and the cost of homes. People who work there USED to be able to live there…not anymore.

– Dreya Robinson-Sharp


Re.: Ashland Ordinances Ban

It was noticeably more pleasant walking to the Plaza today to pick up some berries and veggies at the Saturday Growers Market. No clouds of smoke, no blocked sidewalks, no aggressive panhandling. Created more room on the sidewalks for groups of visitors and locals to pass by each other. I heard library patrons state they’d prefer they extended the exclusion zone to include the library steps and its adjacent bus stop too, as many smokers still loiter there.

– Mara Owens


Re.: Music Suggestion

Dear Mr. Gross: I so hope you will do a feature on the “Jazz Vespers.” I discovered this musical treat purely by accident (if one believe in “accidents”). Oh, this is such gooood music! I am not a member of this church, or any other church. The Vespers is very light and is related to the inspirational side of music. Who could complain for such a brief mention of God along with music and art? Anyway, the musicians are of high caliber and, boy, they’re good. These folks play Modern Jazz (50s to early 70s); the program lasts barely an hour; the acoustics are excellent.

Please, attend yourself if you can, and see how cool this Jazz Vespers is!

And, by the way, I wouldn’t miss a single issue of the Messenger!!!! I’m 73 yrs. old, don’t have a computer, cell phone or cable TV, and get along just fine.

– A charmed reader, Diane Mirkovich

Hey Messenger

Hey Messenger: Gotta say I really like your column, dudette.  I met a girl on some dating app about a year ago. I didn’t take the matching process seriously, as I don’t really take dating apps seriously. When I got to see her IRL though, I fell in love almost immediately. We had been talking for almost eleven months; we both love cats, we enjoy Lovecraft’s literature, etc. About a month ago, I finally decided to let her know how much I like her.

Problem is, I told her in like one minute; I was nervous and spoke very fast.  Then, I took off like a coward. We haven’t spoke to each other since. I should also point out that she goes out with tons of other guys who are clearly more attractive than I am. Should I talk to her? Should I just forget about the whole thing? Should I wait for her to talk to me again? Am I writing too much? HALP.

Best regards, D. S.

Hello D.S.: Well, there are two likely reasons why she has not spoken to you. 1) She doesn’t feel the same way in return but doesn’t want to hurt your feelings because of the friendship. 2) She feels the same way but wants you to be the pursuer and was perhaps disappointed when you backed off. She could have even interpreted your following absence as you changing your mind. It really depends on her personality. Is there anything else you can look at? Any friends of hers you can discreetly talk to? Do you know how she behaves with these other guys? Either way, you should definitely talk to her. It sounds like you were great friends and there is no reason for that to stop. Even if this is option #1, the friendship can be salvaged, if you want that. If it is option #2, well then you will figure that out after not too long. Pay attention to her cues. Even the shyest of women will give a couple. Lastly, I do not think you should think about the “other guys who are clearly more attractive than me” thing. You do not know if that is true and you really do not know if she thinks that is true. If you did, then you would not be writing to me right now.


Hey Messenger: Is being content enough reason alone to stay with someone?


Hello Anonymous: “Reason alone” makes this easier to break down because you are isolating one factor, so thank you. Are you the kind of person who is generally content, even single, and regardless of a significant other? Because I hear those exist. If so, then this would be a meaningless qualification to consider when deciding to stay in a relationship. In this case, you need to look at literally every other factor. Are you the kind of person who was NEVER content before this relationship? If so, then this is an extremely meaningful qualification. In fact, it is a glorious miracle and you should spoil this person. Or, are you the kind of person who is content ONLY while in relationships? If so, then you have to look at literally everything else, again. Do you see where I’m going with this?


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