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LETTERS: June 22nd Issue

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Re.: No Love For Trump


Remember the Bush-Cheney Golden Oldies: “Mission Accomplished;” an attack coming in ‘the form of a mushroom cloud;’ ‘your problem is living in a reality based universe – we create our own reality.’  Their lies and pro-business anti-environmental and anti-human health policies cost money and lives across the planet.  It is still difficult to understand how they garnered enough votes to occupy the White House for eight years.  

Fast forward to the Trump Administration promoting ‘alternative facts’ and buildings policy on the basis of lies while dedicating themselves to suppressing science and destroying our environment, our health and our health care for profits.  Undergoing an accelerating and expanding investigation suggesting the campaign involved collusion with a foreign entity, they promote the interests of family Trump and fellow billionaires rather than hard-working Americans.

Even though the Trump campaign advertised that this would be the result, still a few individuals cannot see the self-serving incompetence and ignorance that is this White House. Some are even still willing to defend their corruption and insanity.

It’s difficult to imagine that anyone could make the Bush/Cheney years seem less destructive and ruinous of the reputation of the U.S. than they were, but #45 is achieving it!

Alan Journet


Re.: No Love For Trump

Hypocrisy is pretense or sham; a false appearance of virtue or goodness. The Republican Party perfectly demonstrates this condition. They claim to be guided by the Constitution, but only when it’s convenient for their political goals.  All the promises to bring back jobs and restore the economy to the unfortunate lower and middle classes have become a lie. One by one, all the beneficial programs to help the hungry and needy are being shut down.
Donald Trump, at the top of the pyramid, is a prime example of hypocrisy…time and again arguing on the campaign trail that he would protect health care, or protect Social Security, for example, only to reverse his position completely when he gained the Presidency.  Now he’s pushing Republicans to support the American No-health Care Act. Instead of protecting Americans, he’s decided to deny millions of us insurance by the Affordable Care Act. He’s sacrificing millions of low income people, all in order to provide tax breaks for billionaires. What is it going to take for us to wake up and demand fair treatment from the leaders of this country? Their attitudes reflecting bullying hostility and antipathy toward vulnerable Americans has to stop!

– Trisha Vigil, Medford



Hey Messenger: Do you have any advice about taking out loans to pay for university?

Dear G.P., A year ago, yes. Today, no. Right now, it sounds like an entirely sketchy and potentially life-ruining situation and the fact that I have a butt load of school loans scares the crap out of me. I am eagerly awaiting news about the Trump administration’s recommendation to remove the loan forgiveness program for state and non-profit workers. I had been staking a large part of my future on that one. Sad face. If I were you, I’d take only grants and work-study money. Taking your time isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Hey Messenger: What does one do with sons who barely acknowledge you exist?
Dear L.T., Replace them with cats, boyfriends, girlfriends, video games, wine tours, whatever. If you have some kind of will, you could change it and leave it all to the mailman. That way after you die, everyone realizes they didn’t know you at all and feels really guilty. Plus, the added bonus of your sons assuming you had a secret relationship with the mailman.

Hey Messenger: Is it worth pursuing a case of sexual discrimination in a degree program if doing so may win the battle, but very likely lose your career opportunities? What if the discrimination is real, but not of the type that is obviously clear cut to an outside observer? What if the perpetrator is older than dirt, so they will not be around to hurt other women for long (retiring from teaching this year, but messing me over has already happened).

Dear L.S., It is always worth it to go after assholes like this. Job opportunities will always be there, even if it takes a little extra time. I can guarantee you that you will not lose all of your opportunities. This guy may be older than dirt and perhaps everyone will soon forget him, but let’s make sure it’s not before you treat him to his just deserts!


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