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LETTERS: Issue of July 9

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Re: Your response to “Sterling,” who responded to “Bugsy”

In your response to “Sterling,” who wrote to you re: Harvest According to “Bugsy,” you wrote this:

“We welcome all letters, no matter how venomless or foundationless.”

(And now, a side-thought: did you really mean “venomless” or did you mean “venomous”? Anyway, doesn’t really matter).

Sterling’s concern was not that you welcome all letters—and by “welcome all letters” I assume you mean, “Hey, send us whatever you’re thinking. We’ll consider it”—but that you chose to print a letter that Sterling deemed venomous and foundationless.

So, please, clarify your editorial position. Is your stance that you welcome foundationless and venomous letters, or that you’re willing to print foundationless and venomous letters?

And please bear in mind that foundationless and venomous letters would include any racist letters from local residents who side with the “racist shit-heels” whom you decry on the very next page of the June 25-July 8 issue of The Rogue Valley Messenger.

-Gilberto Gilbert


To answer your question: Yes.



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Re: New Era of Horse Racing in Grants Pass

Moved up from So. Cal a number of years ago where I could attend any number of racetracks throughout the year hardly ever went. I have attended Grants Pass Downs since relocating every year and look forward to getting in a few more visits this season as well. I really love these folks, they took the time to find me after I dropped what I thought was a losing pick 3 in the optional win boxes, I had a winner. They looked me up, sent me complimentary admission and their holding my ticket for me.

Great folks!!!



Re: Legendary Goodtimes VS. The Campfire

Hmmmm I completely disagree. But you can’t please everyone I suppose. I will gladly join The hundreds of people who appreciate the true passion behind this music and the hard work and many hours put into these albums. One bad review compared to a to many other people who love it and get it…… It happens….. But does it bring us down. Absolutely not.



Wow. I appreciate the time you put on on this review. Obviously listened hard. You know I’m so proud that this band has struggled through adversities, and “only ONE” person, you, being negative about this awesome band. I bet if you took the time to meet them, and share your thoughts face to face, you would make 3 great friends. It so easy to write negatively behind a computer screen. I bet somebody is proud of you too, if even just for trying to be a reporter, of such? I can’t wait to see them at the Jackson County Fair. Opening for 38 Special. What an accomplishment!. I have an extra ticket if you would like to go back stage and meet everybody.

-Rochelle Lake


Re: Fourth of July

I would love to read a story about the Ashland Fourth of July parade and the space claiming that’s done on the sidewalks prior to the day. I guess people have already started leaving duck tape squares to claim their spaces to watch the parade. Has the city ever addressed this? What are the rules and regulations? Are we just being polite by letting people claim spaces? Just curios. Every year I get annoyed with the entitlement as every year people seem to lay claim earlier and earlier.

-Claire Clooney



On a beautiful morning, the bird is the word.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.07.36 PM

Photo submitted by RK Berksley


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