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LETTERS: February 4th Issue

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Awesome! It sounds like Mr. Stine has the right priorities. I just read/heard 1 out of 10 Medford children are homeless, one of the highest rates in the nation … (probably needs substantiation). Obviously though, there are homeless people everywhere and homeless person freezing to death isn’t OK. We should be smart enough to figure out how to use some of our land to create basic shelter.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
-Ginger Gough



The facts are in: 2015 was the hottest year on record, succeeding 2014.  This pattern of new records year after year has been going on for a decade.  Our Science, 200 nations that met in Paris, even the Pope tell us it’s time to act and that all must do our part.

Oregon’s Healthy Climate Bill is essential to meeting our already established legislative goals on climate by providing the mechanisms by which to achieve them, and by doing our part regionally to both reduce GHG emissions, and transition in an orderly way to a sustainable economic model based on clean technologies. It’s critical that our legislature act now in the short legislative session beginning February 3rd.  It will help consolidate with California, Washington State and others to have regional impact.

Speak up; encourage your representatives via letter and phone calls to enact it.

It’s a good Bill; you can read up on its aims and what it will achieve here: http://oeconline.org/the-healthy-climate-bill-just-the-facts/

The Time is now; It is Our time: For ourselves, for our kid’s futures, and yes even for our economy, and the jobs this transition to new infrastructures, technology and sustainability will provide.

It’s Time to Do IT!

Rob Hirschboeck
Ashland, OR



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