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LETTERS: August 6th Issue

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Re: Southern Oregon’s rental market is now worse than NYC’s

All this has happened quite recently. Ten years ago, when I was fresh out of college, I rented a 1-bdrm apartment in a victorian fourplex in the railroad district for $550/month. A few years later, I rented a 2-bdrm victorian duplex in the same area for $1050/month. Even a couple years ago you could easily find small rentals in nice areas for $1,000 or less. not anymore, unless it’s a 400 sq ft studio. College grads can’t stay here anymore, since there’s no way any entry level job could support the local rent. It’s a real problem.

-Karuna Grace Glomb


City of Medford and its planners need to get it together! Look around folks. Medford is falling apart! I challenge anyone to drive a mile in any direction and not find a dump! So sad to see a place with so much potential rapidly declining!

-Michael Davis


Homes have become so expensive, the younger generations can’t afford to buy a home, so they have to rent! The demand is huge, the supply is tiny. My wife’s parents bought there first home for $10k, something they could easily afford making labor wages and getting a loan was easy and there was an economy to back it up. This “economic improvement” is a total fallacy. Look at the employment participation numbers. They are way down since 2008, and the jobs that are available are low-paying, soul-less and futureless. Of course, the source of all this turmoil goes back to Clinton’s NAFTA agreements and deregulation of the banking industry. Now those chickens have come home to roost. The jobs millennial’s should have gotten after taking out all those student loans were shipped overseas for pennies on the dollar and no longer exist. Wall Street is booming but Main Street is dying ALL OVER AMERICA. Can we blame people that want to move here for the low cost of living and high quality of life? Can we blame people for flocking to Oregon to avoid drought and mandatory vaccinations. Can we blame them for wanting to have access to legal medicine and the last cannabis frontier. No, but if something doesn’t give we’ll all be homeless soon.

-Nathaniel Anecha


Re: If you’re having deer problems, I feel bad for you son

Mexicans and Deer united- We Are Here To Stay!!! – FÜ€#@ck Donald Trump and whomever else doesn’t like us.

-Marco Antonio


The deer population in Ashland is simply out of control They have moved further and further into the heart of town and can no longer be considered “wild” in any sense other than the fact that the don’t have collars. They are large raccoons (please tell me that you don’t believe raccoons are “wild animals” deserving of cohabiting with us too). WILD DEER run from humans (as they should)…they do not wander in the middle of street and challenge cars, pedestrians, and moms in baby strollers. This is our fault, I will agree, for building ever further up into the hillside, but it’s still a problem and your attitude is naive. When some child or senior is maimed or worse, can we send all the deer to live at your house?

-George Kramer


What if we replaced deer with vampires. Holy shit. You guys are pro vampire.

-Alex Hansen


I finally quit whining about them and just fenced in a small courtyard where i can have a few tomatoes and flowers, etc. the deer can have the front yard….all planted with drought/deer resistant plants anyway.

-Leona Keene Sewitsky


Though I haven’t been inside for years to know if it’s still there, The Ashland Elk’s Lodge has or used to have a large taxidermied elk on display, along with a plaque telling its story. It was part of a zoo, but escaped and was put down because it killed a child.

So clearly (though elk are much larger than deer) there is the real demonstrated possibility that they can be dangerous.

But the other side of that is the elk was put down, and deer are still out there being deer, undeterred by swift justice levied against one of their comrades, and haven’t killed anyone since. So perhaps there isn’t much there there.

-Benjamin Samuel Miller


Re: Cecil the Lion

The internet is outraged that a lion was killed. Why? Because it is famous? Maybe we should start a reality TV show about cows and pigs so people will care about them instead of eating them. If you care about animals, go vegan or go home.

-Lena Kim


Re: #BlackLivesMatter

Living in the mostly white Rogue Valley, it can be easy to ignore systemic violence being perpetrated against communities of color by police. But new video of police murdering unarmed black people seems to hit the internet almost daily. One of the most recent showed a cop straight up shooting Sam DuBose, who was unarmed, for no reason. It doesn’t matter where we live or what color you are. We should all be mad as hell.

-Leigh Mathis


Re: Student Debt

Your most recent issue talked about housing problems for renters. But the biggest problem they are facing is college debt. The college debt bubble is bigger than the housing bubble and is set to pop any time. How can anyone have decent credit with $25k of debt following them around as they work at minimum wage jobs? Enslaving an entire generation through debt is a recipe for disaster and no politician that doesn’t talk about debt relief for students should be taken seriously as a candidate to steward the economy.

-Shaun Wagner

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