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LETTERS: August 3rd Issue

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RE.: An Elegy: Felsen’s Beginnings Were Narrowly Avoided Tragedy

Great band! Found Andrew and Felsen through a friend in the East Bay several years ago and really dig his music. I mentioned to him how they remind me of Camper Van Beethoven and Cracker on certain songs, turns out he had played drums for CVB at some point Andrew was very humble about it ……. so cool. Can’t wait to hear Felsens new album. They never disappoint!!
Regards, Sean


RE.: What We’re Not Really Sure

Dear Editor: I am a semi retied (sic) professor who was finishing some research on teaching English with movies. In January, I submitted a survey to RCC in Grants Pass, and was told it was too difficult for the students, it had questions like what is your favorite movie, and was voluntary, questions could be skipped. I knew it was not too hard. A secretary, administrative assistant, and department administrator thus refused, so at the end of the semester tried again, thinking students would have advanced enough in their minds.

I was called by a security guard, and the Medford police saying I was selling curriculum, and harassing. There was no mention of selling anything by phone or email, I have the emails, and my visiting Thai wife, a famous teacher was upset. Southern Oregon University, and Southwest Oregon Community College were fine with the survey, and accepted it. Is RCC in Grants Pass an anomaly, maybe it caught Trumpitis, their actions so indicate. I was hung up on when trying to discuss it, saying they would not debate. I would have given free seminars on study, and started a tennis team if they had been reasonable, too.  

Thank you. Prof Theodore Saed


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