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LETTERS: August 17th Issue

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RE.: Weed Laws

Vice laws are, in general, dumb, good for nobody, and strips liberty from people that are supposed to be “free.”.‬

Demetri Stewart


With Session as AG, I wish them the best of luck. He’s returning us to the 80s ‘Just Say No’ days. While it’s legal here for now, I wouldn’t tell your dealer to piss off quite yet..‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Jeff Moffatt


RE: Respect for our Visitors

I became acquainted with two Pacific Crest Trail hikers, one from Germany and one from the Czech Republic, and arranged to serve as their trail angel when they passed through Ashland.   I picked them up on August 4that Callahan’s Lodge near the trail head and drove them to town. We had a delicious breakfast at the Morning Glory Café, and they were welcomed with open arms at the Ashland Outdoor Store.  I am a member or the Ashland YMCA and decided to take them there and use my guest passes, but staff at the YMCA said that this category of person was not allowed.  The staff directed them to use the facilities at the Jackson Wellsprings.  I was surprised by this act of discrimination, and embarrassed that our foreign visitors could be treated this way in this town.

Thanks Messenger,  Katharine


Re.: Starbucking the Weed Industry

Hey Messenger, As a life-long enthusiastic pot smoker and long-time homesteading micro-scale marijuana cultivator, I’ve never had much taste for “weed culture” and the uncritical superficiality that often comes along with it. Yes, the flower saved me from becoming a career-driven corporate d-bagger. It encouraged my creative and explorative impulses while empowering me to savor each moment. But now, here in the Rogue Valley, it has become just one more money-driven success story for those who already have the cash and for those who perpetually chase it….at the expense of the small-time mom and poppers tryin’ to survive in this beautiful valley without bein’ too much of a slave to the system. Why are y’all embracing this? In a world that seems more shallow and vacant by the minute, the marijuana industry and culture is just one more capital-motivated fad and the latest trend towards hipster elitism.….and this barely scratches the surface of the changes to come (economic, legal, environmental, social), the subject of handing over autonomy and money to agenda-driven government agencies (regulation and taxes), and the perpetual influx of outta state growbro opportunists (many whom seem to have little regard for existing rural communities). We gave away a beautiful thing. My unsolicited advice to RVM: stick to the great job you do to support local music, the arts, and alternative culture, and keep yer distance from politics and business…..leave that to the vultures and sharks.


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