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Latest gambling news in Ontario

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The big news item in Ontario right now is just how prominent sports betting has become in the province. Sportsbook apps are growing in use all over North America due to recent laws that allow them more freedom. The USA has been bringing in record revenue thanks to sportsbook apps, and Ontario is keeping right up with them. This comes from Ontario’s new laws that are giving big sportsbook brands the right to operate. With more choices of products, the apps are competing with one another by offering generous promo codes. And when companies compete, the customer benefits.

The Change In Ontario

Sports betting was legalized in Ontario for some time, but the only platform with a license to operate was OLG. This monopoly hindered the industry from growing naturally on its own, as there was no competition to stir OLG to offer a better product. The new laws changed this by allowing gambling companies from the USA to operate in Ontario. These platforms have solid apps with proven track records. And now several of them are coming to Ontario to offer the same quality service to Canadians.

The apps are set to launch soon, with no specific date given. But April 2022 seems like a surefire window. When they’re given the go-ahead, these platforms will offer website-based casinos and sportsbook apps. Users will be able to play slots on their phone, go for a few rounds of poker over video chat, and wager on a huge variety of sports from major to minor leagues.

Ontario is the clear frontrunner to open up this new form of gambling, but other provinces are interested. Alberta is currently taking proposals from retail sportsbook companies but has no commitment to an opening on a certain date. Saskatchewa, on the other hand, says that they’re in the process of having online gambling ready for the summer of 2022.

These Apps Are Scheduled To Come To Ontario

Though Ontario’s official date of online gambling is not set in stone, we do know what apps will be available. These are the top contenders among Ontario’s new gambling apps.


The Ontario BetMGM online casino will provide a great experience for first-time gamblers. The name behind it has the resources to fund a great user experience, from simple menus to a great selection of casino games. Part of the power of the name is that BetMGM has great casino and sportsbook apps, and the rewards programs for both can be linked to speed up your progress towards rewards.


DraftKings has a highly-recommended rewards program, putting it at the top of the sports betting food chain. Customers also love the app’s daily bonuses and promotional risk-free options for certain same-day bets. It makes DraftKings feel a bit safer than other gambling apps, as there’s less risk when you’re first getting started.


FanDuel is right up there with DraftKings thanks to its own take on regular promos, which increase the odds for certain sports to be more favorable to the bettor. FanDuel got its start in fantasy sports and still offers a solid experience in that department. Canadians looking to focus hardcore on sports betting and maybe get into fantasy sports will definitely want to keep their eyes on FanDuel.


If you want to get the jump on Ontario’s sports betting scene right away, then consider giving BetRivers a shot. The system actually set up a mock betting site called SportsZome where you can wager on real games using fake money as a sort of practice round. This should give users a feel for what kinds of wagers will be available once sports betting hits Ontario in full. BetRivers is well known for its live game options, boasting a solid live streaming service and several options on last-minute wagers.

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