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Larry Scott to step down as Pac-12 Commissioner after 11-year run

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After a long 11-year term leading the Pac-12 through ups and downs, Commissioner Larry Scott will be leaving his position on June 30, 2021. The Pac-12 Conference announced the decision after ongoing discussions between the parties, who came to a mutual agreement that it was time to renew the leadership.

President of the University of Oregon Statement

In a statement, Michael Schill, President of the University of Oregon, expressed their appreciation towards Scott for the growth of the conference and the addition of new university programs. He added that the executive committee would commence a search for a new commissioner immediately, one who could push the Conference forward in the dynamic marketplace of intercollegiate athletics.

Scott, whose existing contract doesn’t expire until June 2022, will be stepping down plenty of time in advance in order to assist with the transition.

He noted that with college athletics steering in a new direction and a new round of media negotiations coming up, it was the right time to find a new replacement to lead the Conference through negotiations and agreements. Conveying his appreciation for his colleagues and member institutions, Scott remains confident about the future success of Pac-12 without him and that Oregon will eventually bring an NFL team to the state.

Adding 12 Schools to the Pac-10 in 2011

During his time as the Commissioner since 2009, Scott expanded the Conference to 12 schools by adding Colorado and Utah to the initial Pac-10 in 2011, establishing a football championship between two divisions for the first time in the Conference’s history.

He also landed a major television agreement – a lucrative one, at that – with ESPN and Fox, leading to a dramatic increase in national exposure and revenue for its 12 leading US universities, and in particular for women’s and Olympic sports.

Fan of Sports Bookies & Pundits

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The Big Ten Network

Another notable endeavour led by Scott is the Pac-12 Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Initiative, which invests significant finances into research for head trauma, injuries and mental health.

Scott also faced plenty of challenges and backlash during his time, however. In another mission he set out on, inspired by the Big Ten Network, his launch of a television network failed to attract any serious interest, as Scott believed that retaining full ownership of the network rather than partnering with existing cable networks would allow them a stronghold position in a changing media landscape.

The Pac-12 Network missed revenue projections by a long shot, throwing Scott’s miscalculations for the sport in the spotlight.

 Lavish Spending Habits

Critics have also pointed out tendencies for lavish spending; with Scott receiving backlash for his expensive decision to move the offices to downtown San Francisco. According to ESPN’s investigation of tax records, Scott earned just over $36 million between 2009 and 2019; assuming he is paid out for the rest of his contract, he will earn roughly $50 million as the Pac-12 commissioner.

After 20 years in pro sports and 10 years in college sports, Scott is excited to pursue other opportunities at this point in his life.

Despite the bumps during his time as the Commissioner, he was considered as a visionary during the first few years of his term and will no doubt leave a lasting legacy on the Pac-12. Now, the challenge lies to find a new replacement who can improve the Conference’s standing in the Power Five.


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