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Kill Your Belly in Triplicate

Triatholon Season is Nigh

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by Peter Gandesbery

If you are looking for a way to put your body to the test, challenge yourself in a variety of ways and make this summer even hotter and cooler at the same time, a triathlon is the ultimate event to kick your own ass. They tend to be far and few between, but if you plan ahead and make it a priority you will have a great opportunity to come limping into work this summer with some impressive war stories. Here are a few events to look forward to this summer.

Granite Man, 9 a.m., Sat., June 13 at Applegate Lake

With a ¾ mile swim, a 13-mile bike ride on a single track dirt trail and a five mile run, this race is not just sweaty but grimy and exhilarating too, thanks to the impressive scenery. Entry fee is $30 for a single event, $75 for all three. Kids race for $30 triathlon, $25 for a dual or $15 untimed. Team prices are $120, and $70 for kids. To register visit https://roguevalleyracegroup.com/EventReg/

Z Day 5k, 7 p.m., Sat. August 8, at Kerbyville Natural Farms on Redwood Highway

This is not a triathlon, but it is worth the mention because it involves more than just running. What does it involve? Zombies and mud. It is a 5k mud run through an obstacle course where participants wear two flags (like in flag football) trying to survive the course with both flags intact. Participants can dress and act like zombies, but run quite a bit faster. This run is at night in order to avoid the brutal summer heat. Entry fee is $25 for single and $75 for teams. To register visit http://%20https://www.raceentry.com/races/zday-5k/2015/register

Lake of the Woods: 10 a.m., Sat., September 5

A 500-yard swim, a 3-mile run and 9.5-mile bike ride make this a rather mild event. The surrounding scenery and the warm but clear waters of Lake of the Woods makes this thoroughly enjoyable. Unlike most triathlons, this race begins with the swim, followed by the running and then the bike ride.

Entry fees are $30 and $25 for triathlon and dual respectively, and $18 and $12 dollars for the kids race which starts at noon.

To register visit https://roguevalleyracegroup.com/EventReg/

Medford YMCA Mini Triathlon: 8 a.m., Sat., October 3

Three miles of running, 10 miles of biking and 500 yards of swimming are in store for those who participate in this event. For more information contact Jeni Beck at jbeck@rvymca.org

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