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Jon and Roy – Where Has My Love Gone

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Acoustic Soul-Pop from Canada

With a warm soul-flavored melodic baritone that might remind you of Otis Redding, the open drum-feel here and the plaintive horns all point towards that ever-present symbol of a broken heart. The pain, the futility, and the cry of a shattered soul, are all welcome at this groove-supper.

A trio sound like this feels empty and full at the same time; the bare-bones rhythm section is the perfect backdrop for a sparse horn arrangement, leveraging the purity of expression that remains from the classic era of soul. Where Has My Love Gone calls to a part of history that lives inside each of us, that was originally awakened the first time we heard the voice of Aretha Franklin, or Al Greene, or Nina Simone.

It is a truly timeless sound, that was born in part of the tumultuous decades during which segments of the population were exploring their newly found social credentials. As waves of new generations have brought micro-genre expansions into the mainstream, so too has soul music recycled itself into a monolith, a big lake of feels that continues to simmer behind the curtain of most, if not all good pop melodies.

Jon and Roy dig deep and connect to that universal flow of pain towards salvation, creating a voice that can carry the weight of self-destruction all the way through to rebirth. Where Has My Love Gone is a quintessential cry of helplessness, that shout for aid that was immediately lost to the wind, and forgotten.

Until now.

Jon and Roy recorded their latest track in the quiet forests of Vancouver Island. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

Where Has My Love Gone is the second single off of Jon and Roy’s upcoming album Here which releases today.

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