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Is Making Money From Online Gambling A Hoax Or A Viable Option?

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Making money from online gambling is a polarizing topic these days. Here’s everything you need to know about the legitimacy of it all.

When looking at making money from online gambling, there has always been a dispute in the gambling community regarding the legitimacy of such a philosophy. On the one hand, some players claim that the gambling industry profits off of losers, targeting and preying on vulnerable individuals who don’t understand how it works. On the other, knowledgeable punters counter that position by invoking mathematics and statistics as the postulates of why games are unpredictable, and therefore, winnable.

Each side has numerous valid arguments, and as always, the truth is somewhere in between. While it is true that Vegas wasn’t built on winners, it’s hardly accurate to say that no one has ever won a life-changing jackpot. There are many examples of individuals winning millions both in-person and in online games. Regardless, plenty of enthusiasts still doubt that either option is correct, which is why we decided to investigate this issue once and for all.

Making Money From Online Gambling: Popular Methods

The myth that it’s impossible to win money from gambling, in general, has been around for a long time. Even the gambling greats of the past have continuously searched for ways to make money on a casino floor. However, most, if not all of them realized that house edge is the great equalizer that bides its time and awaits to crush the dreams of such individuals. Casinos have always tempted average gamblers to try their luck against the fates. Therefore, we’ve outlined some of the presently popular ways of making money while gambling:

  • Slots
  • Jackpots
  • Counting cards
  • Video poker
  • Table games.


If you’ve ever been to a land-based casino, you must have seen rows of slot machines. Slot games and machines are among the most popular choices when thinking about making money from online gambling. The very design of these games invokes excitement, thanks to colorful palettes and adrenaline-boosting soundtracks. Most online casinos rely on slots as a significant part of their offering. For example, the Jack and the Beanstalk slot game is an excellent choice. It also offers a generous welcome package to new players.

Regardless, these games invite players from all walks of life to try their luck, thanks to a straightforward design. Playing slots is effortless and requires minimal input, meaning there’s hardly a learning curve involved. Conversely, getting three or more matching symbols on the reels can result in significant payouts. Therefore, these games can be highly lucrative while simultaneously requiring minimal input.

However, most players fail to note that underlying house edge is present in slot games and machines. This built-in advantage bites into your potential profits because its design purposely renders all strategies ineffective. While the actual value of these games may not be monetary, they are just about the most entertaining games you can play in a casino.


Even though luck is the pitfall when it comes to these games, these titles are the preferred money-makers for countless gamblers. But, making money from online gambling often involves luck, meaning there is no way to accurately predict when a jackpot may drop and whether you’re going to win. In other words, the only factor you can use to your advantage is luck.

The main issue most people have with gambling is that they believe it’s possible to win more than the casinos in the long term. However, operators aren’t in the business of losing money, although they do not cheat.

If one had to define how the casinos manage continuous profits in luck-based games, the answer would be the built-in odds. In other words, all a casino does is enjoy the odds that are naturally inclined to favor them over players ever-so-slightly. Consequently, these odds tilt the probability in the house’s way.

On the other hand, jackpots also have a high-risk, high reward feature that acts as a selling point. Approaching these games with caution is the safest method to avoid spending too much while also hoping Lady Luck is by your side.

Counting Cards

Most players aren’t aware that, statistically speaking, blackjack is the most profitable game in any land-based casino, Vegas or elsewhere. The reason behind this fact is that blackjack is one of the few casino games where counting cards can result in a significant advantage over the house.

Learning to count cards takes a bit of time and practice, which is a long-term approach. However, this skill can be highly effective in allowing you to master blackjack by making casinos worry when you start pocketing small fortunes. Counting cards isn’t illegal. Although, an operator is within its legal rights to ask you to leave if it suspects you’re skilled in this activity.

On the other hand, counting cards in online blackjack is impossible because of automatic reshuffling and other virtual processes. In this case, you’re better off mastering various blackjack strategies for making money from online gambling.

Video Poker

As previously mentioned, counting cards is the quickest and most effective method to make money from gambling online. However, this method involves the risk of the casino asking you to leave the premises. In other words, there is no telling whether you’ll be able to amass a significant profit before the casino recognizes what you’re doing. Then, there’s also the fact that this skill is useless in online gambling.

However, since video poker represents a quirky combination of slot machines and live poker, you have another option. You play this game against an RNG, but the best versions come with a 99.6% RTP. Therefore, video poker offers players a higher likelihood of winning thanks to the game’s consistency.

Since video poker involves a skill-based element, you can learn and master this game. Luck is also present as another factor. However, playing correctly in the long term helps sway the odds in your favor. Note that some players are incredibly unlucky in this game. But, you should be able to master it to the point where you come out on top after a while.

Table Games

This category of casino games is among the more modest money-makers than the rest of the titles on this list. Despite being more reliable than slot games, you should still exercise caution while playing them. We recommend foregoing your dreams of winning crazy money. But you can still play Sic Bo, Craps, Baccarat, and Roulette to win.

In other words, the strategy to use in these games is consistently increasing your winnings. For example, systems like Fibonacci and Martingale are famous for this purpose and use the same fundamental premise. Players increase the bet according to specific conditions. Next, they go back to their initial amount based on other conditions. Overall, making money from online gambling is possible; you just need to be smart about it. Good luck!




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