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Introducing The Falcon Program – The End of America: Footsteps in the Dark (The Isley Brothers)

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The End of America’s cover of The Isley Brothers’ Footsteps in the Dark is part of a compilation of covers of Motown classics brought to you by The Falcon Program, a network of college A&R scouts and student-run record labels.

Through a partnership with Sony/ATV Music Publishing and Reservoir Media, college music-business students scouted independent artists to re-imagine iconic Motown songs, which releases today and will be pitched for film and TV licensing. This indie-rock version of The Isley Brothers’ classic brings modern production magic to a timeless moment of self-realization, as a testament to the old truism that some things never change. A moment of reflection can reveal the simplest of truths: that what we were looking for was with us the whole time. Footsteps in the Dark, the latest from Philadelphia natives The End of America, joins a bustling folk-vibe with some delicious guitar-hooks and the reassurance that it is never too late to start going in the right direction.

The End of America (James Downes, Trevor Leonard and Brendon Thomas) consists of a group of friends who met on the road, after singing harmonies on each other’s songs while on tour as solo artists. This song is featured on our Roots Collection playlist.

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