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I’ll Rise, But I Refuse to Shine: Advice for Insomniacs to Establish Good Eating Habits

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Dr. Daniel Smith.WELLNESSAccording to the National Institute of Health, insomnia is a disorder that affects nearly 60 million Americans. Almost everyone experiences insomnia at one point or another, but often the condition becomes a chronic problem. Some people have trouble falling asleep while others have difficulty maintaining quality sleep. These people do not feel refreshed once morning arrives. The consequences of prolonged insomnia can be serious. One study from 2013 examined the three aspects of insomnia I just mentioned—difficulty falling to sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, and non-restorative sleep—and found that the more of these symptoms a person reported, the greater the risk of heart failure. A 17% increased chance of developing heart failure was associated with having one symptom, while a 92% increased chance was associated with having two symptoms. Having all three symptoms nearly tripled the likelihood of heart failure! Lower performance at work or at school, an increased risk of accidents, obesity, a greater tendency to abuse drugs and diabetes are only a few additional problems that insomnia may bring on its train. Estimates of total insomnia-related costs in the United States have ranged from $30 to $107.5 billion per year. This estimate includes direct treatment costs, such as physician encounters and prescriptions, as well as indirect costs, such as consumption of medical services, increased accident risk, and lost workplace productivity.  Click here to continue reading…


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