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If Famous Writers Drank Local

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With the publication of our Short Fiction Contest, we can’t help but think what it would be like if Southern Oregon was filled with the famous writers of yesteryear. For one, there’d probably be a lot more drunk old white men about. Alcoholic beverage sales could double (alongside reports of public urination).

Charles Bukowski liked a shot of whiskey in his beer, a Boiler Maker. Lets not kid ourselves, if he was around today he wouldn’t drink a 4 percent Pilsner, he’d drop a shot of Immortal Spirits’ Early Whiskey in a glass of Southern Oregon Brewing’s Black Heart, a 9 percent ABV Imperial Stout.

Steven King said “I never understood social drinking, that’s always seemed to me like kissing your sister.” An extreme comparison, but what do you expect from the man who wrote The Shining? He’d curl up at home with two six packs of Caldera’s Hoppertunity Knocks IPA.

Ernest Hemingway prefered the tropics but could also find his favorite, the Mojito, here. With Immortal Spirits’ State of Jefferson Rum and some garden bed mint the only thing lacking would be citrus. I’m sure if good old Ernest rolled into granny’s sunroom she’d give him the last two fruits on her tiny potted lime tree, and also make some less than appropriate suggestions.

Hunter S. Thompson would drink everything on this list before even getting to his own personal preference. He’d combine a double shot of Immortal Spirits’ Early Whiskey with a glass of Caldera Ginger Beer and probably back it with a shot of Organic Nation Gin, just for good measure.

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