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Identifying the key elements while sending your child to rehab with Daybreak Alcohol & Drug Rehab

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The pressure to fit in, the thirst to experiment with new things, and impulsiveness all make alcohol and drug use very common amongst teenagers. Even though they have started it for fun or other reasons, these substances will take control of them quickly. Before they could even realize it, they will become completely dependent and addicted to these illicit drugs.

As parents, it will be heartbreaking to see your child struggling with addiction and spoiling their life. Therefore, it is best to take them to rehab to help them move towards a healthy and sober life. But, before sending your child to rehab, you need to know something to make the best decision for your child and their future. Let us discuss some of the most important points when you send a teen to rehab.

1.    Make sure your child is indeed addicted

Before sending or planning to send your kid to rehab, make sure that they are truly addicted. You can confuse the symptoms of addiction and mental illness like depression or anxiety. We need to make sure that the child is not under depression or anxiety. As parents, if you assume that your child is struggling with addiction and force them to a rehab, it will strain your relationship with the child. It can also negatively affect their mental health and complicate their condition.

So, parents need to make sure the child is indeed addicted before sending them to rehab.

Symptoms of addiction

If you suspect that your child is using alcohol or other illicit substance and is addicted to it, you need to look out for the signs of addiction like a sudden change in friend circle, change in sleep pattern, secretive behavior, becoming withdrawn, or a sudden change in their weight. Other signs like a large or small pupil, unusual orders, bloodshot eyes,  mood swings, unusually unfocused, looking tired and messy, becoming aggressive, and a lack of interest in the activities that they used to love usually.

You need to remember that many of these signs can also be symptoms of depression or other mental illnesses. But, if you observe most or all of the symptoms, it can be pointing toward addiction.

2.    Find the right treatment program for your child

One of the most important steps is to find the right rehab. Do a background check of the rehab and make sure that they do not use abusive treatment plans. One of the reasons for teen drug addiction is loneliness or their sense of insecurity. Abuse can only make the situation worse.

A rehab center that provides a serene and safe environment for the teens like the Daybreak addiction treatment near Philadelphia is the best option. The inpatient and outpatient programs provided by the rehab will provide a perfect place for them to heal mentally, emotionally, and physically. They will monitor the teen, study their family and social background and will find the cause for addiction, and give individualized treatments based on their need.

3.    Have a good conversation with your child

While talking to your child, try not to get emotional, angry, or say things to make them feel embarrassed or insecure. Try to talk in a calm tone and explain to them all changes you have observed in them. Ensure them that you will support them no matter what and provide a safe and non-judgemental space for them to open up. Try to show them that you are supportive, but at the same time, be firm.

Do not force them into rehab. Instead, talk to them about the negative sides of alcohol or drug use and tell them about the consequences. Talk sternly when needed and make them understand that such behavior cannot be tolerated.

Understand that even though your teen tries to act like an adult, their brain is still not developed fully. So, while sending your child to rehab, make sure to follow the above-mentioned steps and take the best decision for them.



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