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How to Win the Best Personal Injury Settlement from an Insurance Company

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If you sustain injuries from an accident that isn’t your fault, you have every right to claim compensation to help you cover the cost of things like lost income, medical bills, and the pain and suffering you have gone through as a result of the accident.

With financial problems taken care of, you can then focus all your attention on recovering physically and psychologically.

You will want to receive the best personal injury settlement that you can. By understanding the different aspects of your injury case and what you should do to maximize your compensation, you could obtain the best possible outcome.

So, follow these tips on how to win the best personal injury settlement from an insurance company.

Hire an Experienced Lawyer to Fight for You

The most important thing you can do to make sure you receive the best settlement offer from an insurance company is to hire an experienced lawyer.

With a driven team of personal injury lawyers, your version of events can be effectively presented, your case can be thoroughly investigated, and your attorney can negotiate on your behalf to get you the best possible settlement.

Hiring a lawyer also often means the insurance adjuster will take your claim more seriously.

Provide Documentation and Evidence

Even though your attorney will help in multiple ways to assist you in receiving maximum compensation, you can still do things to help.

Firstly, the more evidence your lawyer is able to present to the adjuster regarding your injuries and the cost of treatment for those injuries, as well as your income losses due to your injuries, the stronger your case will be.

So, make sure you provide your attorney with as much documentation and evidence as you can, such as records of hospital visits, photos of your injuries, financial costs, and so on. The more you can demonstrate that the accident caused you to experience a lower quality of life, the more you will be able to attain a good settlement.

Seek Damages for Your Emotional Distress

You could receive a higher settlement amount by seeking costs to cover your emotional distress. However, you will need to provide quantifiable proof that you have suffered emotional distress.

If you are traumatized after an accident, you should speak to a professional counselor or therapist. Start off by getting advice from your doctor.

When you attend counseling sessions, make sure you make a note and keep any documentation associated with the sessions.

You will then be able to prove that you suffered emotional distress in the same way as medical treatment documentation can help to prove the accident caused your physical injuries.

Never Take the First Offer

Never take the first offer an insurance company offers you. An insurer will always try to get you to agree to a low amount first off. Don’t accept it. The process should involve negotiation.

The insurance adjuster will never come in with the highest amount he or she is willing to pay, so ensure you make a counteroffer. Your lawyer can help you with the process of counteroffers.

You and the insurance adjuster may make several counteroffers before you agree on a fair settlement. Also, it’s a good idea to have a minimal figure in mind that you’re willing to accept.

Summing Up

You should consider getting comprehensive car insurance or life insurance, because, unfortunately, accidents can happen at any time. If you’re injured in an accident that isn’t your fault, you can at least claim compensation.

But to make sure you attain the best possible settlement, remember to:

  • Hire an experienced lawyer.
  • Provide documentation and evidence.
  • Seek damages for your emotional distress, if applicable.
  • Always negotiate with the insurance adjuster, with the help of your attorney.


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