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How to Spot a Superhero: Hint—Not the Costume

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Hoping to run into a superhero at the Medford ComicCon? Bad news. Affordable Housing Man will not be making an appearance. Since other Rogue Valley problems have yet to reach global-crisis level, neither will Superman, Batman, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, or Spider Man. BAM! You fell right into our trap!

Of course you’re not going to meet a superhero at ComicCon! Unless the crisis is NOW! and the Super Villain is at hand, superheroes must maintain their secret identities. More likely, you will run across them in their street clothes, perhaps relaxing after work, meeting a romantic interest, or even hiding from their enemies. In fact, with the AMAZING! help of Aaron Hassel and Dylan Huppert of Astral Games, and Damon Clabeaux from Immortal Spirits, both in Medford, we have some inside intel on how to spot a superhero in disguise… Or, at least relax after ComicCon. After all, how do you know your friend isn’t hiding a secret identity? Maybe there are more superheroes amongst us than we know…

Match the superhero alter-egos to their beverage of choice:

  1. Diana Prince–sophisticated intelligence operative (spy…).
  2. Clark Kent–mild-mannered reporter.
  3. Dr. Bruce Banner–placid scientist.
  4. Peter Parker–under-aged news photographer.
  5. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark–billionaire playboys.
  6. Steve Rogers–unassuming, average-joe.


  1. Slurping a “Straight Up Green” Organic Raw Juice at Natural Organic Cafe (cucumber, kale, chard, parsley, lime, ginger, and a bit of apple). An alkalizing green juice to help maintain an even-keel.
  2. Keeping a low-profile at the low-key Burger Spot, washing down a cheeseburger and fries with a pint of Southern Oregon brew, an all-American combo.
  3. Clinking glasses of 18-Year-Old Single-Malt Whiskey or classic Manhattans, over tapas at Elements Tapas. (BTW: Superheros prefer tapas just in case they have to make a quick exit).
  4. Sipping a Rogue Valley estate Viogner paired with Wild Salmon at Pomodori Bistro in a candle-lit corner, back to the wall, eyes on the door…
  5. Ordering a tall cold glass of milk at 4 Daughters Irish Pub to the amusement of his roguish, newsroom buddies. When will he ever loosen up?
  6. Hanging out at the Woolworth’s lunch counter with a milkshake and a stack of pancakes.


Scroll down for answers:








A-4, B-5, C-1, D-6, E-3, F-2.


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