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How To Spice Up Your Corporate Apartment For Work

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If you are young and single, then traveling for work can be an exciting experience. The opportunity to relocate and get paid for it almost sounds like a dream come true. You get to see new parts of the world, meet different people, and make unique memories. Some corporate housing, offer breathtaking views of the city so you live in both comfort and style.

However, it can be a lonely and stressful experience. Burnout is still a possibility, even when you are in a new environment. When the intrigue of being in a different place wears off, you may be hard pressed to reintroduce some passion and drive in your life. Here are a few ideas to help you spice up your corporate apartment for work.

Rearrange Your Space

First, unpack all your belongings. It can be tempting to just leave your baggage as is, especially if you are tired of the whole moving process. However, this has a negative effect on your mental health. Take up all the space you need! Fill up the closets and dresser drawers, stow away your toiletries, buy a few inexpensive decorations, move some furniture around. 

Taking control of the layout is a way for you to mark your space. You can move your work desk near the window so you can get plenty of sunlight, or  There is no need to have a complete replica of your old living space, or of home. This just highlights the impermanence of your corporate housing situation. Work with what you have and create a completely new space that you can enjoy in the moment.

Make it Smell Exciting

Your sense of smell is a powerful tool, so it is time to use this to your advantage. Try placing candles, wax burners, air fresheners, or humidifiers around your corporate apartment. You could go for floral scents like lavender to help with sleep, or citrus to keep you focused. Alternatively, you could also go for warm woody scents; these aromas convey warmth and luxury.

Experiment with different scents and modes of delivery. Once you find one that you like the most, you can make it a consistent part of your space no matter where you are assigned.

Get Some Fun Plants

Plants do not look like they do a lot of work, but don’t underestimate their impact on your home. They can improve air quality, lift your spirits, reduce stress, and ease your anxieties. So if you want your corporate apartment to be a little more laid back, plants are the quick way to make it happen.

You do not need to be a green thumb to have some plants. You can start by caring for cacti and succulents. These are very low maintenance greenery, so they can function as practice for bigger and more intensive plants. 

However, if you are already well-versed with caring for plants and you have plenty of window space, you can start a small herb garden. This way, you won’t just be brightening your home. You will also be supplying your kitchen. Alternatively, you can also just buy a fresh batch of flowers so that you have a spot of color in your home.

Set Up a Cleaning Routine

Sometimes, moving from one place to another for work can get old. And when you do not look at your corporate housing as your own space, then you may feel tempted to become a little sloppy. 

Coming home to piles of laundry on the floor, dirty dishes on the sink, and an unkempt bed can make you feel lonelier than ever, especially if it has been a long day at work. While cleaning may seem like too much effort sometimes, it can actually be very therapeutic. It’s a matter of getting into the habit. 

Start small and dedicate five minutes to wiping down countertops or making your bed every morning. You will eventually reach a point where the boring repetition becomes muscle memory, and you will be caring for your apartment in the same way you would care for your forever home. When you suddenly feel homesick, at least you have a clean space to rest in.

Use the Kitchen

It is time to learn how to cook! Corporate housing can feel like a foreign place, so get rid of that feeling by taking advantage of the in-house kitchen. There is nothing that can be more comforting and exciting than a home-cooked meal.

You can literally spice up your home by stocking up on new spices. This way, you can try different dishes and flex that cooking muscle.

This is also a great way to save money because the alternative is usually to dine out, take out, or order in. You have full control over the ingredients you use as well, which can help you monitor your health.


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