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How To Sell Your House Very Fast

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Is the thought of putting your home up for sale giving you jitters? Best believe you aren’t the only homeowner that has felt this way.

It’s time to put on those big girl/ big boy pants; and close in on your home. Your new home calls out to you!

Here are a few tips to make your dream come true- very quickly:

  1. Selling in Spring? Way to Go!

House listings between March-May tends to result in quick close-ins, and ultimately faster sales; as these months have been noted to have the highest conversion rates and sales velocity.

  1. Smart Pricing

It’s important to price your house right from the beginning. This way, you can avoid having your house listed on the market for longer than is necessary.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and list your house at a feasible price; so you make your gains without being outrageously expensive.

  1. Be Picture-Friendly

When trying to sell your house very fast, you should prioritize having good pictures of the said house. It’s not a smart approach to post a couple of low-quality pictures online, hoping that somehow, potential buyers would make it through the front door into your home and see the true potential there-in.

As most purchases now start online, images have to be stellar to get second looks. Use the best camera possible, or hire a professional.

  1. 4. Is Your Listing Description Short and Sweet?

Enticing buyers has to do with making them feel as though your house could be theirs. Draw them in on the factors that make your house such a sweet place to live in, by writing a short and beautiful listing description for your house.

Increase the chances of your house getting sold by also talking about nearby attractions like quality schools, shopping malls, cinemas, and side attractions that might make your area such a lovely place to live in. Are there regular bake sales? Don’t sleep on this one…make potential buyers welcome to live in your area; before they’ve even made a decision.

  1. How Does Your Curb Look?

There is such a thing as curb appeal; and best believe that potential buyers will factor it into consideration before making a down payment. The first thing a potential buyer will see is the exterior of your house. If your desire is to have that property off your neck after only a few days of it being listed, make that curb look riveting!

  1. Got Some Fresh Paint?

Painting your house afresh can make it go from a 5/10 to an 8/10 immediately. It’s just like good makeup, it highlights interesting features of your house that would have otherwise looked drab.

Choose warm yet inviting colors for both the exterior and the interior of your house.

  1. Staging your House: Like a Pro

As you prepare to sell your home, you need to be prepared to let go. It’s no longer ‘yours’ and so while staging, do so with the mainstream market or potential audience in mind.

Take out things that make the house specifically endearing to you, and make out space so that a potential buyer can see themselves taking over and fashioning the house into the kind of place they’d want to live in.

  1. Don’t be Rigid About Showing Times

I know that a proper schedule probably works best for you, especially if you work outside your home.

However, some really interested buyer might want to see the house at a period not exactly listed at a showing time. If for instance, you shelve off many other duties and keep your home open to showing at any time over 2-3 weeks, you have a higher probability of getting the house off the market. More showings lead to more offers and more offers result in quicker purchases.

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