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How to Provide the Best Care to Your Aging Parents

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When it comes to long-term care, assisted living is usually the first place older adults turn to. However, if they are still relatively independent, you might want to consider in-home care for as long as possible. Many seniors are happiest living in their own space, especially if they have already been there many years. Still, there are some times when they may need to live with you. There are a few ways to determine the best option for your own parents.

Understand Their Financial Situation

Even if you can take on some of your parents’ care, you can’t do everything for them, so you will need to pick and choose what you can do. For example, perhaps you will want to take them to doctor’s appointments, but you might have them hire a landscaping company to care for the yard. Regardless of the things they need to hire someone for, these things cost money. And if they end up needing long-term care, it will cost even more.

Especially if your parents are impoverished or indigent, you might want to consider providing them with financial support. You might want to look into filial laws, which are defined by state and federal laws and can make adult children financially responsible for their parent’s bills. You can review a guide on how that might affect you.

Determining How Much Care They Need

You should think about the amount of care your parent might need. Don’t try to take on too much responsibility at once since you still have to take care of yourself. You could become burnt out, losing sight of the bigger things. Come up with a list of tasks that will help you understand the kind of care they need. And it can help you determine how much assistance to offer during the night, weekends, or daytime. Keep a paper with you so you can note each time your parents need assistance.

Getting Assistance That You Need

There is no shame in helping your parents find additional support outside of what you and your family can offer. You will want to look for help that is both affordable and dependable. You will want to put a bit of effort into sourcing the right services. This investment can eventually pay off since your parents will have someone to help them out.

If your parents are not getting out enough and seem lonely, you could help them enroll in a day program for older adults. They can get out of the house, and you can rest easy, knowing they are safe and engaged. As they get older and experience more health issues, you might need to look for in-home care services. Don’t be afraid to turn to your other family members or close friends to do things for you. If they help with things around the house or yard and run small errands for you, you will have a bit more time to care for your parents. And look for ways to save time, such as having groceries or other supplies delivered.

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