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How to Prepare for Your First Hunting Trip

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Have you decided to take up a new hobby in 2022? Do you want to be able to get outdoors and enjoy time with buddies but combine it with activity? If you’ve answered yes to these questions then it’s no surprise you’ve decided to give hunting a try. It’s a very popular activity across the country and can be something that you engage in for the rest of your life. With that said, it can also be extremely overwhelming for beginners, as it feels there is a lot to know, learn, and prepare before you can even think about planning your first hunting trip.

Here are some basic tips you can use that will help you to better prepare for your first hunting trip so that its odds of success are much higher.

What Is Required Of You?

While it would be wonderful if the only “planning” you needed to do was throw your gear in the car and head out on the open road, the fact is that it’s much more involved than that. To hunt legally, most states require such things as a hunter’s license and for hunters to understand the rules and regulations. What gets more confusing is if you plan on visiting different states, as each one will have its own rules.

Did you know that some states offer and even require you to take a hunter’s education course before you head out? Again, this is something you need to check in advance.

What’s In Season?

The next step is to figure out what’s in season. Fall is usually the time for hunting, but you’d be surprised at how many opportunities are available in the summer across the country. This means you can take advantage of beautiful weather and hunt at the same time.

Some of the states that offer summer hunting opportunities include:

  • Iowa – Squirrel, rabbit, and coyote
  • California – Antelope, rabbit, and deer
  • Texas – Alligator, deer, and doves
  • Connecticut – Coyote, crow, and woodchuck
  • Colorado – Coyote, turkey, and moose

Once fall arrives, there will be many other options in many more states.

Make a List of the Gear You’ll Need

Just as important as your hunter’s license is your gear. You can’t hunt if you don’t have hunting gear, and when you’re starting from scratch it can feel like a lot. A good tip is to focus on quality, not quantity, so you pick items that will work well, be durable, and make hunting smoother rather than more difficult.

Besides the basics, you’ll also need things such as different types of iron sights, scent attractant, two-way radios, ammo and case, game calls, trail marking tacks or tape, and plenty more. This is why it makes sense to make a list so you don’t forget anything important. If you have friends who are experienced hunters, you can also ask them for advice on what to pick up.

Will You Be Camping?

Sometimes a hunt lasts much longer than a few hours for one day and instead is combined with camping. If that’s the kind of hunting trip you want to plan, you’ll also need to have all the necessary camping-related gear. This can make packing a bit more stressful but once you’re out there it will be nice not to have to rush the experience and pack it all in one day.

Get Some Shooting Practice

Lastly, another great way to prepare is to get some shooting practice before your hunting trip. You can do this by visiting a shooting range and enrolling in a class for beginners like yourself. This is a great way to learn proper form, handling, and safety.

You’re Ready for the Hunting Trip

All of these tips will help to ensure you’re ready for your first hunting trip and that it will be a huge success.



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