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How to Pair Cannabis and Wine

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Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 4.32.05 PMForget swilling wine and and burning buds. Forget the spins. Most importantly, forget Cheech and Chong and getting crunk. Wine is about subtly unique flavor, and a cannabis and wine pairing uses the sensory enhancing properties of cannabis to cultivate an entirely new flavor experience with wine.

Every tasting situation is unique. Drinking a Bordeaux with your first love might elicit a totally different flavor experience than drinking the exact same vintage the next day with a boring colleague. You wouldn’t want to smoke a pure Indica before a night of dancing just like you wouldn’t want to drink a whole bottle of ultra tannic Nebbiolo. Similar to a food and wine pairing, an upbeat situation demands a light varietal and a giggly strain whereas a slow situation demands a heavier varietal and headier strain.

This is how to explore the pairing potential of two of the most genetically diverse plants on the planet, cannabis and grapes and expand your taste buds to an entirely new world of sensory possibilities.

Choosing the Strain:

Cannabis, just like wine, has an astounding genetic diversity. Varietals like the famous Pineapple Express or Sour Diesel are grown on mountain hillsides, in backyards and indoor grow rooms all over the world much like Merlot, Chardonnay, Cab, etc… are grown the world over. Due to this diversity, every cannabis flower has its own unique flavor profile just like every vintage.

Here are some examples of general wine flavor profiles paired with some of this year’s most popular strains.

  • Light Dry White: Light herbaceous Sauvignon Blanc with vaporized Harlequin
  • Sweet White: Tropical honey Riesling with joint of Pineapple Express
  • Rich White: Creamy oaked Chardonnay with joint of Trainwreck
  • Sparkling White: Light citrus Cava with vaporized Grapefruit Kush
  • Rosé: Fruity Grenache Rosé with vaporized Strawberry Cough
  • Light Red: Soft cranberry Pinot Noir with vaporized Cherry Pie
  • Medium Red: Fruity dry herbal Côtes du Rhône blend with joint of Girl Scout Cookies
  • Bold Red: Tannic black cherry Tempranillo with joint of Blackberry Kush
  • Dessert Wine: Rich ruby Port with bong hit of Sour Diesel

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