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How to choose the best casino bonus

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Fun! Fun! Fun! Those are the words that come to mind when you think about casinos. So many games to play with so little time and limited money to spend. Every player would love to have the best casino experience at the best price possible. But all casinos come at a cost, although some give players more value for money which is why some often have more gamblers. It is one thing to want to enjoy casino games but a whole different ball game to choose one that is just right for you considering your time, money and overall experience.

Most gamblers know the games they want to play but few know what bonuses would work in their best interest. You decided you would like to play blackjack, but what bonuses would you hope to enjoy? Here is what you should know.

Deposit Bonuses

Ever made a deposit into your bank account and saw extra money appear along with your deposit?  Probably not. Banks may be stingy but not online casinos. One of the bonuses online casinos are known for are deposit bonuses which comes with the required deposit from players. They are commonly used for sign ups and occasionally, later, for promotions with already existing players. When choosing this bonus, you have to choose the best casino, because some could have strict wagering requirements. There are casinos that makes this easy, however, and if you would like to enjoy the full benefits of a deposit bonus, you should play at Spin Kingdom. The online casino, through this bonus, agrees to cover a percentage of the deposit, for example 60 percent of the deposit value. Wagers are often attached to the withdrawal of these bonuses so make sure to read the fine print… carefully.

No Deposit Bonuses

The main purpose of deposit bonuses is to lure gamblers to register with the online casino. Most of this money is usually for the gambler to enjoy the game and withdrawing it comes with high wagering requirements. Additionally, casinos limit the time a gambler may use the money, to a specific day or hour in some cases. The purpose of this money is not to win big but to give a player a feel for the games at the online casino so keep expectations low.

Matched Bonuses

Matched bonuses reward players after completing a deposit. These cash bonuses match the deposit made by the player up to a certain percentage. In most cases, casinos give gamblers 100 percent bonus offers but in other cases, the matched bonus may be between 15 percent to 400 percent. They are the most popular category of bonuses and provide a great incentive for new players to convince them to deposit while they benefit from having more money to use at the casino games. Everyone, player and casino, walk away happy.

Free spins

Several games are played on digital gambling venues and some include spinning games. A bonus linked to those games is free spins. Free spins are mostly attractive to spinners. They are originally a bonus offered to existing players as a promotion for new slots but more recently, they are offered to new players, sometimes with a deposit match bonus to sweeten the deal even more. The bonus includes an offer of a specific number of free spins ranging from batches of 20 to over 100. In some cases, they are limited to a specific slot machine or slot machines that the player can enjoy. Casinos may use this bonus to generate enthusiasm for a slot machine. While they require no deposit to access, there are high wagering requirements. They may include a max cash amount and specific dates that players must keep an eye out for or they may end up forfeiting them.


Online games are a great way to enjoy your free time conveniently in the comfort of your home at the push of a button or touchscreen of your phone. With an array of game options available, there are different venues vying to be your casino of choice. Knowing which one to choose is important to players who want to spend their money for the most fun and benefit. Bonuses offered by casinos including no deposit, deposit, free spins and matched bonuses make it easier for gamblers to choose a casino. A casino that rewards them while they have fun.

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