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How to buy a ring for a man: What are your options?

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Buying jewelry for men is always a bit of an uphill struggle, and rings are especially tricky to pick because this is not an area of the market which is as well known or understood by the general public.

Thankfully there are actually a surprising array of choices available to consider today, catering to all sorts of male wearers regardless of their tastes and preferences.

 To help you pick out the right ring for the special man in your life, whether they are a spouse-to-be or a firm friend, here is an overview of the options on offer right now.

Modern wedding bands to turn heads

It is more than likely that the ring you are looking for is going to be a wedding band, and while this has not traditionally been an area with much variety for grooms, things have changed dramatically in recent years.

The upshot is that you can now choose between a vast array of artisan rings that come not only with different designs to consider, but different materials to weigh up.

For example, the men’s wedding rings from Alpine Rings are made with masculine metals like tungsten and titanium, and can also be inlaid with the likes of wood, antler and ceramic, as well as with gemstones.

This affords you a choice between all sorts of colors, textures and finishes that range from the bold and bright to the smoky and subtle. So if your husband-in-waiting has been reticent about opting for a wedding band, this is the type of product which could make him energized about the prospect instead.

Rings which impart meaning

Another factor to consider when buying a ring for a man is that while the item itself might have innate meaning because of your relationship, you can go a step further and actively signify this with the design.

Going all-out with a completely custom creation is one route to take, although this will be costlier for obvious reasons. You could also choose a personalized ring, perhaps bearing an engraved inscription around the inner surface or even on the outer edge, which celebrates the occasion in question, or features some meaningful phrase that represents your connection to one another.

You might even select a signet ring which either bears a meaningful crest, or is left blank so that the recipient can choose their own design to add to the surface. Given that the trend for using wax seals is still going strong, this might be a great gift that blends the old-school with the new.

Sustainable & ethical rings

More consumers are wising up to the problematic ethical implications of certain types of jewelry, as well as the environmental impact associated with mining the minerals and materials involved in their production.

If this is something that you think will gel with the man you are buying for, then it is also worth considering how the ring you select meshes with the personal values they hold dear.

Thankfully all of the aforementioned attributes of modern masculine wedding bands and all-purpose rings are aligned with these concerns. Sustainable woods and other natural inclusions, rather than flashier designs, will be better for the planet and for your conscience as a result.

If in doubt, do remember to get the input of the person you are buying the ring for. It is always better to slightly spoil the surprise so that you can ensure they actually like the jewelry, rather than going all-in on a ring that ends up sitting in a drawer rather than on their finger.


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