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How Students Can Follow a Healthy Lifestyle in College

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According to college students’ stress statistics, almost 50% of students experience stress, so there is a good chance that if you are reading this piece as a student, you are stressed. To enjoy education in college, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and have good results. If you sacrifice your healthy lifestyle on the altar — or study table in your case — your grades will suffer in the long run.

You cannot submit a noteworthy midterm paper if you are battling a migraine from sleep deprivation, which shows how strongly your health affects your performance in college. While you can always hand your papers over to an essay writer to assist you when you are indisposed, you can’t get anybody to live healthily in college for you. To graduate in excellent shape, you must be proactive and prioritize your body and mind by living a healthy lifestyle. So if you’ve resolved to embark on this journey and live better in college, you should:

Get enough sleep

No matter how many term papers are on your desk, don’t joke with your sleep. When you stay up late, you become tired, grumpy and stressed, making it more difficult to concentrate during lectures. You may think you will get more stuff done by studying well into the night, but sleep deprivation will do you more harm than good. You increase your agility and ability to take on school-related projects when you get adequate sleep. Therefore, get at least eight hours of sleep daily but don’t oversleep as that will leave you tired and unproductive.

Eat healthily

Skipping meals between classes, part-time jobs, and other things may seem necessary; however, you shouldn’t make it a habit. You need food to generate energy for all the runarounds you need to do as a student. A burger may be delectable, but it is not sustainable, so instead, eat healthier meals to sustain yourself and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in college.

Exercise often

There may not be time for you to hit the gym; however, you can create time to take a walk or a jog around campus if you sleep and wake up early. If you cannot manage one of those in the mornings, try evening times. The bottom line is that you must find time to exercise your bones and muscles often, seeing as you will likely spend most of your school time on a table and chair.

Learn to say no

It is tempting to say yes all the time to friends, colleagues, and family. However, if you always agree to activities at the detriment of your own time and health, you will build a people-pleasing habit that may harm you eventually. Therefore, learn to draw the line between pleasing people and cater to your well-being as a person and student.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination will hamper your effectiveness than not eating will. For example, if you had a term paper with a thirty-day deadline and procrastinated until a week, you ruin your chances of meeting up, thereby putting pressure on yourself. While you try to memorize thirty days’ worth of work in seven days, you will lose sleep, food and rest, which will affect your health. So, carry out tasks at the appropriate times to give yourself ample time to rest and meet up with other engagements.

Ease up on the alcohol

Alcohol, to some, is a necessary evil; however, given that it slows down inhibitions and impedes your chances at getting things done right, you should be careful. Reduce the amount of alcohol you take, and restrict your intake to rare occasions. A beer every evening, shots of vodka every Friday, and a glass of wine every other day will do you no good. Alcohol and good health are not synonymous, and more importantly, neither are alcohol and studying.

Avoid unnecessary events

Between classes, extra study hours, and essential activities which may or may not be academic, there is only so little time left for you. You have to make conscious efforts to avoid unnecessary events, and you can do this by planning your calendar. Make out a good time for school work and rest while also considering the social, religious, romantic, etc., parts of your life. The easiest way to get through school is to hack time management, and skipping unimportant events is one way to do so.

Don’t do drugs

You should avoid illegal substances, such as meth, weed, molly, ecstasy, etc., as much as possible. It’s no secret that these drugs are unhealthy; they slow you down, and they mess with your brain functions. You are trying to graduate while staying healthy; drugs make sure that you do none of that. Apart from the fact that they can put you at risk of developing health issues, keeping or selling these hard drugs is a one-way ticket to jail.

Get a workstation

There are reasons tables and chairs are in every dorm room, so make use of them. Do not spend time working or studying on your bed. Firstly, your back and neck may be at the receiving end of so much pressure, and secondly, there’s a tendency not to get much studying done on the bed.

Know the downsides of taking coffee

Coffee is great to jumpstart your morning; however, it becomes a problem when you overly depend on it. It is essential to cut down or reduce your caffeine intake as there are negative aspects to it that coffee brands willfully omit in their ads. The dark side of coffee that no one talks about includes its ability to increase your heart rate, anxiety, headaches, stress levels, and irrational behavior.

Final thoughts

You cannot study well when you are unhealthy and may get a physical or a mental breakdown just before your exams. Getting an education is hard enough and having a healthy lifestyle may not guarantee you an A, but it will put your mind in the proper position to get one. Following the tips we have listed above should help you live a healthy life while in school. Good luck!




























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