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How many men are affected by ED and how to treat it

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Erectile dysfunction, normally known as ED in the medical profession, is something which many men will experience at some point in their lives, especially as they get older.

While it might be embarrassing to encounter in the bedroom, it is important to remember that ED is both commonplace and entirely treatable. Let’s look at just how widespread it is and what you can do to combat it.

Figures to take comfort in

In the US alone an estimated 30 million men experience ED, so you are definitely not alone if you fall into this camp.

However, it is worth noting that while it is encountered more frequently among those aged 45 and over, it is not just an inevitable part of the aging process. Rather, it is typically a symptom of another underlying health issue, which is why it is necessary to speak with a doctor and see what course of action to take next.

Medical solutions to consider

A physician can choose to prescribe a number of different treatments to counteract the impact of ED and improve your love life.

Mainstream options like tadalafil and sildenafil work well, but have different side effects to consider. Thus weighing up tadalafil versus sildenafil with the help of a medical expert will ensure you receive the medical solution that matches your specific situation.

Lifestyle changes to enact

Earlier we mentioned that underlying health conditions could be at the root of your ED, and these are typically associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices.

So in addition to being able to medicate for this issue, you can change a few things about the way you eat, drink and workout to revitalize your performance potential between the sheets.

Firstly, there is no getting away from the fact that obesity will lead to all sorts of unwanted health concerns, of which ED is a major one for men to be aware of in particular. Removing fatty, sugary foods from your diet and increasing the amount of exercise you take to align with recommended levels will help with this.

Secondly, excessive consumption of alcohol and an addiction to smoking are both contributors to ED. Limiting your intake of these substances, and also staying well away from illegal drugs as well, is sensible for many reasons, of which ED treatment is just one.

Lastly, if you are stressed, anxious or depressed, all of these mental health complications can bring about or exacerbate ED. Reducing the amount of stress in your life, and seeking help for ingrained issues with your mental health, should set you on the path to a more fulfilling sex life.

Understanding the cyclical nature of ED

As you can imagine, anyone who finds themselves impacted by ED will likely suffer negative psychological repercussions as a result. It can place strain on your relationships, damage your self esteem and leave you feeling powerless.

This in turn can lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices, or send you into a mental health spiral, which of course creates a vicious cycle that only increases the likelihood of ED recurring.

Even if you are young and you feel healthy enough, if ED comes calling then it could be one of the early signs of a more worrying illness that has yet to surface in any other way.

All of this means that visiting your doctor to get advice on and treatment for ED, as well as to secure any prescriptions necessary to receive medication, is better done sooner rather than later. You will be much better off for overcoming any awkwardness to discuss this.


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