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How badly do you need an AdWords Consultant?  

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If you had to sit down and think honestly about what the answer would be if you had to ask yourself how much you know about PPC advertising, what would the answer be? Of course, by the time you are the director of a company that deals in B2B matters, you already have a rudimentary idea of the field, but let’s face it – you are probably not an AdWords expert. If you need one and have been wondering if the investment will be worth it, let me start by saying “YES!”. Here’s why.

How your business can benefit from the services of an AdWords expert

People are online searching for things all day long, and if your ad isn’t of such nature that it meets them out there where they are, you will have missed an opportunity. Not only is a missed opportunity a missed chance at generating revenue, it is also a reason for you to lose out on the vital clicks that will end up justifying your expenditure.

Because you will be bidding on keywords, your headlines and copy need to match these phrases. In addition, you need to offer the person performing the search a solution to their reason for searching through your services, which also needs to be communicated.

The top combination might only be a few minor changes away. Because you can split test your campaign, thanks to the fact that you can create multiple ads in each campaign, the opportunity to narrow things down is closer than you might have thought!

How PPC-fluent are you?

If you know what PPC stands for, half your battle is won, but there is a lot more terminology that comes with this field. Hits, impressions, CPA, views – do you know, and why does it matter? If your plan is to manage your own campaigns, it is vital that you know the terms and how they are applied. If you are an expert in the management of campaigns, but not in the trench work, you might want to call in someone who knows their oats.

How do you know how you will rank?

This is determined by your Quality Score, which really refers to how your search engine rates you in terms of ranking. A low score will result in fewer eyes on your ad, while a higher one

Your Quality Score (QS) will have the opposite effect. The power to improve your ranking lies with you, and yes – it is possible.

It starts with your landing page. If your landing page is substandard, chances are high that your chances of converting people through your campaign will not be great. But what makes a good landing page, anyway? If you can’t answer this, it could be one of the very valid reasons for you to get a PPC expert, who does know the answer. Design and conversion psychology come into play to bring a great campaign to final fruition, so never skimp on this! Remember, the ad is just the starting point – what matters is what experience the consumer has after clicking on your ad. Shortcuts in this will lead to dissatisfied customers, so make sure that you check this avenue thoroughly before signing off on a campaign. An experience that is neither seamless nor comfortable to navigate will put people off immediately.

You don’t have to (and shouldn’t!) try to do it all on your own

Have you ever fantasized about what you would do with all that extra time you don’t currently have? Chances are that running a business has left you wanting more time, but with more stuff to do before then! Do you really have the time to run a PPC campaign, in addition to everything else you need to do?

Remember that, while the fields are related, PPE and SEO are not the same thing. Experts who provide Google AdWords consultation spend a lot of time keeping up to date with trends, attending seminars and workshops, and mingling with other industry professionals. Unless you have enough time to devote to these activities, at a level that will keep your skills at the cutting edge, chances are that you will struggle to run it at a high enough standard. Rather take the plunge and employ someone who can best support you in AdWords campaign management.



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