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GO HERE: Hiking Trails for Newcomers

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New to the Valley? Syllabi making your head swim? Time to hit the trails and forget about student loans for a couple of hours. These Rogue Valley beauties are classics for locals too, presenting the perfect opportunity to observe Southern Oregonians in their natural habitat.

Mt. McLoughlin, near Medford
Before the snow starts to fall, Mt. McLaughlin provides that epic “I just climbed a mountain” euphoria without the crampons and ice pick.

Pacific Crest Trail, near Ashland(Not the whole thing!)
If you saw Wild, then you saw Reese Witherspoon on the streets of Ashland, where the Pacific Crest Trail culminates. If you are looking for a little less of a life-altering journey, check out some of the day hikes on the famous trail.

hiking trailsRainie Falls, near Merlin
A moderately hilly, approximately four-mile stint. With a sheer cliff going up on your left and a sheer cliff going down to the Rogue River on your right, this out-and-back offers spectacular views, as long as you watch your step.

Table Rock, near White City
It looks how it sounds. Legend has it that the giant cavemen who roamed this Valley eons ago used to gather to play poker at this very location every Friday night there was a full moon. Ok, not really. But it really does look like a giant table. Uphill all the way up and downhill all the way down, the view from the top gives an excellent lay of the land.

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