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Heavy Metal Band Sylent Storm Has a New Full Length Album Coming

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The Patriots of Metal Proclaim That The Fire Never Dies

Sylent Storm is a kick-ass traditional heavy metal band formed in Medford. I was lucky to catch founding member Jym Harris, who provides lead vocals, for a phone interview. Having incredible stage presence, counterpoint harmonies, killer guitar solos and thunder-like drums with frequent clanging cymbals, Sylent Storm knows how to put on a good live show, which has made it extra disappointing for them and fans to do without during this global pandemic. Nonetheless, Jym talked about his excitement for releasing what will be the band’s first full length album.

Rogue Valley Messenger: Who are your music influences?

JH: It’s a weird question for me and I’ll tell you why. I have different influences for writing lyrics than I do for writing music and different influences for singing. So, it’s not always an easy response for me because I admire a lot of artists…In a nutshell, I usually just say all of the 80s heavy metal artists that you probably think of, you know, Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, and Iron Maiden, Metallica – I like all of that stuff. I grew up with all the classic heavy metal bands and I like a lot of underground artists and a lot of independent artists and lesser known acts as well.

RVM: Are you intending to stay in the traditional metal genre or are there thoughts of branching out and mixing genres or becoming more experimental?

JH: That’s a good question because when the band was started originally five years ago with my original line-up, I definitely wanted to just be a straight-forward traditional heavy metal band. Then, we took a long hiatus, I was in a couple other bands, and a couple guys moved away and I reformed with new guys a little over a year ago, and the plan was still to be just a straight-forward traditional heavy metal band. But what I found is as we move on with the line-up and write new songs, everybody has slightly different influences. So, for example, the drummer who’s playing on the album is really big into progressive rock and technical death metal, things like that. Our bass player is really into jazz and our guitar player is a huge blues fan so even though we are still writing traditional heavy metal, each of us kind of put our own little stamp on it and other influences creep in indeliberately.

RVM: What are your thoughts on the traditional rock/metal ballad?

JH: You mean like power ballads?

RVM: Yeah.

JH: I love power ballads. We don’t have any. For me…when I grew up, everything from Ratt to Motley Crue, and hair bands all the way to thrash metal like Metallica is traditional heavy metal. We lean towards a little bit more of a masculine sound. We don’t so much play up to…we don’t have love songs and things like that. When I hear old Scorpions or things like that, I really like it and we eventually will probably write some things like that, but at this time it hasn’t happened yet.

RVM: Do you respect or reject the glam rock icons?

JH: I love all of that. I think that “glam” is just a word for a band that wanted to be showy and put on a presentation that’s not just about the songs. It’s about how you look as well. I grew up with KISS and bands like that. A lot of bands that I have always listened to are big on visuals so glam is just an added visual to hard rock music. In the 90’s…everyone was saying “oh I’m just going to wear my street clothes on stage” and I don’t like that. I don’t want to look up on stage and see four guys that look like they just got done pumping my gas. People look up on the stage and see something that’s larger than life. We wear stage clothes and eye make-up and some leather gauntlets on our wrists and the clothes we wear on stage aren’t exactly what we would be wearing while lounging around the house.


Harris goes on to say that Sylent Storm is not the kind of band to stick with the same formulaic sound for 40 years like some other huge icons in the industry do. They are open to their sound changing and maturing over time, never wanting to alienate their original fans that have been there since the beginning, but always looking to widen their audience and grow as artists too.

Look for updates on the band’s first full-length release at SylentStorm.com.  





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